UFC lightweight champion “The Notorious” Conor McGregor continues to let his fans in on closed door training, as he prepares for the biggest payday slash fight of his career against boxing’s pound-for-pound best Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

While virtually no one has seen McGregor box, being that this will be his first professional fight, much of what kind of style he plans to go into the ring with is shrouded in mystery.

UFC fans are familiar with McGregor’s unorthodox striking style. And while McGregor’s style is predicated on punching and boxing, it is completely different from professional boxing. The Irishman’s success against guys like Jose Aldo and Eddie Alvarez may not translate to the boxing ring.

Furthermore, McGregor isn’t used to competing under a limited set of rules.

Conor McGregor continues to allude to an unorthodox boxing style

However, McGregor has thrown a bunch of hints here and there. According to “The Notorious”, fans shouldn’t expect a traditional style of boxing when he finally steps into the ring. And neither should Mayweather.

McGregor has vowed to show Mayweather something he has never seen before. He vows to approach the fight completely out of the box in a ploy to catch the world champion off guard. Mayweather is 49-0 as a professional boxer. It is highly doubtful that there is a style he hasn’t dealt with before in his career, both as a professional and as an amateur.

But if McGregor is correct, he will be bringing a style that is completely unique and unheard of.

Knockdown of a sparring partner similar to his finish of Marcus Brimage

In a series of photos McGregor has posted on Instagram, it shows him knocking down a sparring partner. Sure, this happens all the time in boxing. But what he does next comes completely out of left field.

With his sparring partner incapacitated on the mat, McGregor follows him to the ground, holds his head down, and even places a knee over him. This is, of course, an illegal move. But if he can get away with it, it might shake Mayweather to his core.

Of course, if he’s legitimately able to deck Mayweather, chances are he’s already on his way to winning. Matter of fact, downing Mayweather is a victory in and of itself since no one in 21 years has been able to knock him down.

Regardless, it’s definitely something we’ve never seen before and McGregor is certainly mixing things up.

Working with veteran boxing referee

The photos not only show McGregor’s capability as a boxer, but also his team’s seriousness in bringing in the right people. Shown in the series of pictures is veteran boxing referee Joe Cortez.

Cortez is known for his famous line, “I’m fair, but I’m firm.” He has worked many world championship fights. Team McGregor bringing Cortez in to help acclimate themselves to the ruleset means they are serious about this fight.

While not many people expect this fight to be competitive by any means, McGregor is definitely in it to win it. Let’s at least give him credit for taking this fight seriously, when virtually no one in the world will.

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  1. If McGregor tries something like this I hope someone cracks his head open with a pipe on the way back to his dressing room. If he can’t win according to the rules then he shouldn’t be in there. So sick of these loudmouthed idiots.

    • Especially those half-wits who make stupid comments about hitting someone in the head with a pipe, as he’s whining about playing by the rules.

  2. This circus can’t end soon enough. Mayweather in the ring = 99.9999% chance at winning (there’s always a chance McGregor gets a lucky shot). In the cage? Maybe 0.0001%. Same goes for McGregor. In the ring = 0.0001%, in the cage, 99.9999%. Same luck shot applies.

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