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Nick Diaz’s Accuser Alleges that the Californian MMA Star Was Off His Face on Drugs When He Assaulted Her…

Nick Diaz is in a whole world of trouble right now. The UFC star – if you can still call him that after almost three years out of action – was arrested on Friday on charges related to domestic violence. He’s being held by Las Vegas police and has bail set at $18, 000.

This is a very messy situation. Of course, until he is actually charged, Diaz has to be presumed innocent, but it’s definitely not a good situation for him to be in. Nobody appreciates violence towards women. Unless you’re fighting Cris Cyborg.

If these accusations stick, the man from Stockton is set to lose a whole load of fans. That’s unfortunate because he is a bit of a cult hero. Now worse allegations have emerged which definitely will not help his case if true. His accuser is alleging that Diaz was off his face on cocaine during the attack.

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Diaz is being charged specifically with battery by strangulation –  a felony – as well as first-degree domestic battery. He’s being held at Clark County Detention Center and is due in court on Saturday. The arrest follows a police callout on Thursday evening.

The woman he allegedly choked has now also accused Diaz of being coked up out of his mind when he was strangling her. That’s according to TMZ Sports. Diaz is known to enjoy his fair share of recreational drugs, but he’s never been publicly known to dabble in cocaine before.

The accuser claims that she’s in an on and off sexual relationship with Diaz for multiple years. Allegedly the coke sent him into a violent rage and he flung her to the ground, choking her by the neck. The alleged victim was found by police with red marks around her neck and eyes. She was removed to a hospital where she was treated for multiple injuries.

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One of Diaz’s close friends and business associates wrote a lengthy Instagram post defending his friend. Matt Staudt works with Diaz with his sponsorships and public relations. Good luck mate. He did his best to pass off the alleged victim as ‘deranged.’ He wrote:

“There is no scenario where Nick would put his hands on anyone unless it was necessary self-defense, and then watch the fuck out. Moving on, the girl who is accusing him is the most deranged and insane I’ve met to date. She has been obsessed with and stalked Nick for maybe 2 years now. Suicide attempts, calls to his family from fake numbers, thousand of calls a day – yes thousands, showing up everywhere he goes following his story…”

It’s a long post and there’s a lot more to it. If you want to read the full thing, see below.

Bad News

It will be interesting to see what comes of this. If Nick was on cocaine and did physically assault the woman, then there’s really no excuses he can make, even if she was ‘insane.’ It’s always easy to blame the victim. Only time will tell and remember – innocent until proven guilty.

Earlier in the week, Nick’s younger brother Nate was investigated for his part in a brawl at a Combate America’s event. Sacramento police confirmed they were investigating his alleged assault on fellow MMA fighter Clay Guida. Not a good week to be a Diaz brother.

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