If you placed a nice sum of money on Holly Holm this weekend you’ll be happy, but a few people broke the Vegas betting office with their huge wins….

The odds were thoroughly stacked against boxing and kickboxing champion Holly Holm as she squared off against Ronda Rousey at UFC 193, with some outlets even offering -1550 during peak periods on Holm’s chances.

‘The Preacher’s Daughter’ upset the Las Vegas bookies with a tremendous and unquestionable second round knockout against ‘Rowdy,’ capturing the fallen champ’s long held title in the process.

In case we need to jog your memory:

YouTube video

Yeah, how damn brutal was that? The UFC itself might be damaged by the shocking loss to Holm, as Rousey was the promotion’s biggest pay-per-view attraction of 2015. Whether she still is after this loss is yet to be seen.

It was more than just the promotion that took a dent though, as the Las Vegas bookies offices took an absolute pounding due to the ridiculous odds made by people who have no idea about MMA.

With such odds on offer and so many people wanting to see Rousey lose, the payouts have been staggering. A few people in particular though made a damn big bank from the UFC 193 upset of the year, perhaps even ever.

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