The weigh-in is officially over, one more sleep and we will see the Filipino Senator get back inside the ring and fight for the WBA World Welterweight champion. Both fighters made weight, Ugas weighing in at 147 lbs and Pacquiao at 146 lbs.

YouTube video

From the get-go, Pacquiao does his usual smile that we all love to see. As for the comparison up close Ugas certainly looks HUGE, would size possibly play a factor in the fight or will Pacquiao get away with it the use of his speed? Even the experts said that Ugas will be much heavier on fight night while Pacquiao will probably have the same weight or a little close to it.

Many fans are tuning in to watch the fight as this might be potentially his last fight and Pacquiao is in tremendous shape despite being 42 years of age and not fighting for 2 more than 2 years. Will Pacquiao defy Father time once more? or will Ugas prove that it is his time to shine? Fighting an all-time boxing great is certainly a great privilege and not everyone can have that opportunity.

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