Mad skills (Lol)…

The Diaz brothers don’t quite fit the mould of a media ready superstar in modern MMA, but maybe that’s what helped them become icons of the sport. Along with their never back down fight style and larger than life attitude, their method of keeping it real has made them a hit with hardcore fans for years.

But only in the last year have Nick and Nate Diaz truly blown up on the big stage. After years of big fights in the UFC, both the Diaz brothers experienced a serious upshot in popularity since early 2015, making them superstars.


For the younger brother Nate Diaz, it was his stellar win over Conor McGregor at UFC 196, and subsequent post fight interviews that have made him an overnight sensation. ‘Not Surprised Motherfuckers’ is perhaps the most quoted slogan of the year 2016.

YouTube video

Then there’s Nick Diaz, who’s crazy antics during his early 2015 fight with Anderson Silva, followed by his year long fight against the Nevada Athletic Commission, made him blow up to mainstream status.

And now there’s all kinds of Diaz related media floating around, and we’re willing to bet the bottom dollar you haven’t seen the Diaz brothers trying to break dance yet…

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