Video: Robbie Lawler vs. Carlos Condit Ends In Bloody Mess

What a crazy fight! Joe Rogan declared it one of the greatest fights ever, and round 5 was just an insane slugfest…

Robbie Lawler took on Carlos Condit in the UFC 195 main event this evening, in a fight that pitted two super exciting veterans of MMA against each other. The champion Lawler would have his hands full with the technical striking of Condit, and the oddsmakers had this fight as dead even in the betting lines.

The fight was highly anticipated when originally booked for UFC 193, making it all the more enticing when fans had to wait another six weeks following an injury delay.

(Fight Video on page 2)


The fight itself was quite a chess match, with Robbie Lawler trying to get off patient power punches and kicks, while Carlos Condit went with good footwork to try and out-point the champion.

In the end it was Lawler who remained champ via a split decision victory that is being hotly debated on the MMA forums right now. Here are the official scorecards:

(Fight Video on page 2)


UFC color commentator Joe Rogan rushed the octagon to declare the fight as one of the greatest he’d ever seen, and the judge’s official scorecards show how razor thin the fight was.

Skip to pgae 2 for the fight video highlights…

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