When sh*t gets real, people get sparked out. It’s all good talking trash before a fight, but you better be able to back it up…

Trash talking is a huge part of combat sports, the fact is that fighters spend way more time hyping up their fights than actually fighting. It’s an essential part of keeping fans keen on tuning in, watching, and most importantly paying.

But there’s the part where fighters go too far, when they chat a whole bunch of crap that they simply can’t back up. Whether it’s their TV persona or not, you have to admit that seeing fighters who chat sh*t and get banged is rather entertaining.

We’ve compiled some of the greatest ‘CSGB’ moments in MMA history for your viewing pleasure, enjoy!


Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping at UFC 100

Outspoken British middleweight Michael Bisping took on American MMA legend Dan Henderson at UFC 100, after a particularly ferocious rivalry during their stint as opposing coaches on The Ultimate Fighter.

‘The Count’ had clearly got under Hendo’s skin during their time on the reality TV series, and it almost became a USA vs. UK scenario when they fought.

The classic finish by Dan Henderson is possibly the most replayed fight highlight of all time, and shows a prime example of when a fighter chatted sh*t and got BANGED!

YouTube video


Cocky fighter gets KO’d in 9 seconds

Next up we have the viral video of the Indian MMA fighter who decided to turn up the dial on the cockiness before his SFL fight this year.

Capital Collision’s main event against Jason Solomon Vs Amitesh Chaubey ends violently, yet hilariously. Note: the footage of him talking mad trash at the weigh-ins is not included in the video.


YouTube video

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