This Thai Kickboxer Gave the Term ‘Veteran’ a New Meaning… At 67-Years-Old, He Fought One Last Time Before Retirement… 

Muay Thai is a way of life in Thailand. The Art of Eight Limbs is taken up by many ordinary people who see the national sport as a way of escaping from poverty. Many children have fought over a hundred times before they turn eighteen. From fighting to training, to gambling, it’s synonymous with the culture of the Land of Smiles.

It’s also become widely popular across the world. Most MMA fighters will use Muay Thai as their striking base, because it offers a strong defence and utilises elbows, knees, and kicks with the shins in a very effective and violent way. It’s definitely one of the most lethal martial arts on the planet, with Lethwei possibly the only one that uses more tools.

Khobdon Bor Khor-Sor is a Thai fighter like not many others. He’s 67-years-old and just retired after a magnificent career. He won his most recent bout against a fellow veteran, which you can watch below.


It’s rare that a Thai fighter ever truly leaves the sport. They usually enter as a child where they will learn their skills in very tough conditions, with no compensation for their age. Then as young adults, they’re given the opportunity to test themselves in stadium fights, with the very best treated like gods.

After that, the cycle will go on and most fighters will turn to coach roles, bringing through the next generation. Bor Khor-Sor is doing exactly that, as he coaches younger fighters at Kei-yrti-bucha & Singh Hong Kung Gym in Khon Kaen, Thailand.

Screenshot: Facebook.


There’s no doubt that these two men are pretty slick despite being in their 60s. If Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz look anything like this when they finally clash this month, they’ll be doing well. Neither man holds back in this fight. They consistently throw strikes and display excellent conditioning, despite their respective ages.

Khobdon’s son Sing was his cornerman, and he was so confident of victory, according to MuayThaiAuthority, that he laid down a bet of roughly $1200. That’s a lot of money for a regular Thai person and just goes to show the faith that he had in his father. Betting is a massive part of Muay Thai competition. Many western fighters who don’t recognize this immediately lose fans by taking first-round knockouts, because the fans haven’t had time to bet.

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Thailand is a beautiful country with amazingly friendly people. However, it has had economic difficulties in the past and many people are very poor. Back when Khobdon was much younger, he fought on Thailand’s Channel 4. His son Sing would walk four miles to watch his father fight. That’s dedication to the cause.

Muay Thai might be seen as just a sport in the western world and some fans might not appreciate the ritualization and all of that, but it’s so deeply ingrained in the culture of this country. Muay Thai is a way of life in Thailand and has literally changed lives.

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