Shocking scenes as a riot breaks out at a boxing match…

WBA-NABA super welterweight champion Brandon Cook was involved in a harrowing incident last weekend. Taking on Steven Butler on January 28, Cook scored his 18th straight win. The fight was ended by referee’s stoppage, but with controversy too.

Fans in attendance, and Butler himself, felt the fight was stopped early. Although this is not uncommon in the world of combat sports, what followed was a harrowing brawl that left Cook out cold.

Brandon Cook (Left) & Steven Butler (Right) Trade Punches

While ‘Bad Boy’ celebrated his TKO win, remaining undefeated, serious trouble was brewing. Allegedly thrown by the loser’s brother, and ice bucket comes out of the crowd and thumps in to Cook’s head.

The boxer crumples to the mat in a scary scene, but this was just the beginning. As you’ll see in the following videos, and all out riot broke out leaving multiple men and women hospitalized.

Watch for the loser’s sneaky sucker punch before the ice bucket hits:

YouTube video

Terrible Stuff

As mentioned, an all-out brawl broke out in the crowd. This whole mess went down in the Bell Center, Montreal, Canada. Staff attempted to break up the riot, and two were left in hospital along side two crowd members.

YouTube video

Awful Behaviour

Just two men have since been arrested in connection with the violent crimes in Canada. Although we’ve seen a lot worse, this is a clear indication that more needs to be done. Surely steel buckets could be replaced with chiller bags?

Also, there is an obvious need for tightened security at these types of shows. Unfortunately on this occasion, an innocent boxer has been seriously inured. We’ll keep you updated on Cook’s condition as any news comes in.

Take a look at this telling picture, and look after yourself if you are going to any fight shows this weekend!

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