Cyborg fired shots recently at the UFC. She also hinted that the company might have shady reasons for not creating a weight class for her.


She’s not the only fighter upset with the UFC at the moment. Anderson Silva recently told media in Brazil that he was “very disappointed” with the how the UFC has been treating him and other Brazilian fighters. Jose Aldo of course, has stated he is retired due to what he says are repeated lies told to him by Dana White.

Aldo stated that Dana told him that if Conor didn’t face him next after UFC 202 that they would take the interim tag off of his belt. Now however, Conor will be facing Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205, and will not be vacating his belt. The interim tag being on his belt might not seem like a big deal, especially considering it was still less than a year ago Conor defeated him, but it may have been the last straw for Aldo. Perhaps it was the final broken promise that Aldo could no longer withstand.


Anderson Silva feels as though he should have been rewarded for filling in on short notice at UFC 200 by being given a title shot against Bisping. Silva also stated that the UFC contacted him through representatives to ask him to be on standby in case either Henderson or Bisping pull out of the fight short notice, and he wasn’t happy about not being spoken to directly.

Now Cyborg has publicly aired her gripe with the UFC

Continue to hear why Cyborg thinks the UFC won’t create a weight class for her….


Cyborg has been given plenty of reason to not like Dana White.

Dana White once made public statements about Cyborg’s appearance at a formal event, and referred to her as “Wanderlei Silva in a dress”. When asked later about the comments, White reiterated that she did in fact look like Wanderlei Silva in a dress.


Now however, Cyborg’s criticisms of the company take aim at the reasons the UFC hasn’t created a division for her.

“Because if I’m American and everything I did for the sport, I’d already have my division” Cyborg recently stated to the media, echoing statements made by Anderson Silva that the UFC treats Brazilian fighters differently.

Cyborg continued to say that the UFC would have a 145lbs division if Gina Carano had beaten her.


When asked why she thinks the UFC has not created a division for her, she responded: “Maybe because I don’t have blonde hair and blue eyes. I don’t know.”

Considering that Jose Aldo, Anderson Silva, and now Cyborg have all made public statements against the UFC, is it possible a mass exodus of Brazilian fighters out of the UFC happens the next time contracts allow?

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