Street fights happen all of the time, sometimes people are under the influence of drugs or alcohol and are looking for a fight. If they try to fight with you, it is best to try and do everything in your power to avoid fighting, but sometimes there is no other option but to defend yourself.

Street fights can be very dangerous for everyone involved because there are no rules. It isn’t always one-on-one, another person or a group of people may jump in and turn it into a big melee. If you get knocked unconscious there is no telling what could happen to you, the person could continue hitting or choking you and cause severe injury or death. In addition to all these dangers, you can also be arrested for assault and battery.

A Real Street Fighter

If you have to fight in the street, you should be looking to finish your opponent and get out of there as soon as possible. Here are a few ways to finish the fight quickly.


This is as easy as it looks… right?

In a street fight, punches are thrown from mid and close range. Aim for the chin to knock your opponent out. Most street fights feature wild punches that are easy to see coming. In this case, all you need to do is keep your chin down and wait for an opening, there will be plenty if he is flailing his arms around throwing windmill punches. You don’t need to land a hard punch, you just need to land clean and precisely on the chin.

As illustrated by this image, a precise ‘clipping’ shot approximately one inch above and outside of the chin’s centre should do the trick:


If you want to drop someone but the chin is not available, then the temple is a good striking target. Either just outside the eyebrow or behind the ear will take away an aggressor’s equilibrium.


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