The pimp hand is strong in this one…

Another day, another moment spent questioning whether it’s OK for a man to hit a woman. Yesterday we looked at a scenario where a planned fight between one man and two women went down, today it’s a little different.

When confronted by a female in an aggressive manner, what level of self defense is acceptable? Indeed we live in a far more gender equal time, but where is the line in looking after your own safety?

Male vs Female grappling
Male vs Female grappling

So we arrive at the core of today’s topic, and it features a swift but brutal fight in a Chinese restaurant. The reasons behind the confrontation are unknown to the viewer, but the result is nasty.

Watch the video on the player below:

[flowplayer id=”2957″]

Was the woman stepping over the line in this video? Of course it’s unacceptable to put hands on anyone, but society deems hitting a woman as the lowest of lows. That said, if the man were to just stand there and take a beating, would this be fair?

The next fight might shock you a little bit more…


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