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Who doesn’t love watching a bit of crazy security camera footage these days? A pleasant mix of nationwide CCTV and drunk gangsters mean that a lot of the craziest footage online is from mother Russia, just like the subject of today’s video.

In Russia, we clean car with machine gun...
In Russia, we clean car with machine gun…

It takes place in the streets of Bondarev, Dzerzhinsk, Russia and features quite an amazing sequence of events. The Russian description of the video actually gives away little knowledge of the incident, but it’s clear to see why it’s going viral.

It appears that two men, presumably members of organized crime judging by the fact one man is carrying what looks like a glock 17, enter the video at around the 50 second mark. They exit their vehicle before making their way over to a store.

At this point it isn’t exactly clear what happens while they are in the store, but when they come back they’re being followed by a young man who looks very angry indeed.

It isn’t long before shots are fired and the young man is hit, but it doesn’t stop him from coming forward and literally kicking the car the gangster’s drove in, until it’s nothing more than a wreck of metal and broken glass.

You’ll want to watch the video yourself to believe it, as it’s quite literally one of the craziest moments ever caught on tape. By the time the police arrive ‘The Terminator,’ who’s flip flops have fallen off him, has smashed the car to pieces with his bare feet.

Watch the video on the player below, the action starts around the 45-second mark:

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Well it’s not often we say this, but the following video is absolutely baffling. How did he manage to jump all over and destroy the car after being shot? Perhaps some sort of drug, PCP or some other substance? Or maybe a ton of Vodka?

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