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Back in the 1990’s the world boxing scene looked very different from today. At that time Mike Tyson, now the former heavyweight champion, was still a feared force. The youngest champ in the division’s history at 20 years and 4 months.

His style was a joy to watch, as he struck fear in to the hearts of his opponents, and would take no pity while battering their heads and jaws for ruthless highlight reel finish after finish.

mike tyson knockouts

In 1995 Tyson returned from a four year absence after being jailed for allegedly raping a woman. Facing Peter McNeeley in a non title bout, ‘Iron Mike’ would win by DQ in the first round.

His record now stood at 42-1, and just two fights later Tyson would batter a bewildered Frank Bruno to once again win the WBC heavyweight belt.


He was never too far away fro trouble as a youth, and it followed him around to an extent for his entire boxing career. Many blame Don King for the downfall of the former world beater, but time eventually wins against every great fighter, no matter who is in their corner.

Talking of time, you’ll want to check out the crazy video on the next page, which appears to show someone who’s managed to go backwards through history.

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