Kiai ‘Master’ Who Claims 200-0 Record Bets $5K He Can Beat MMA Fighter

Sometimes when you believe in yourself enough, fantasy becomes reality. While this is such a noble idea, there comes a time when you realize that reality just hits way harder. Let’s flashback to a time when this couldn’t be more true.

Self-professed Aikido master Yanagi Ryuken is a Japanese ‘fighter’ who is supposedly an expert in Kiai. He claims he can use psychic powers to physically subdue opponents.

What’s worse is that he actually believed his own hype.

Kiai Master vs MMA Fighter

Videos of his have been circulating on the net where he is seen waving his hands around. His blind followers who get hit by his invisible attacks drop like flies. The problem with this is, the more he tricked viewers on Youtube, the more he began to trick himself. It wasn’t long before he could no longer tell what was real and what was fake.

Yanagi got so delusional one day that he decided to take on a challenge from Iwakura Goh — an MMA fighter. Buying into his own facade, Yanagi even wagered $5,000 that he would emerge victorious. What followed was nothing short of a rude awakening.

Reality Check

Yanagi of course tries to start out strong and with very familiar movements, begins waving his hands around. Trying to harness the energy that was once very effective against his students, Yanagi realizes something was amiss.

It didn’t take long for his opponent to figure out that Yanagi’s technique was a lie. Goh stepped right in, guard down, and cracked Yanagi right in the head with a solid left hand.

Check out the video here…

YouTube video

Even as his invisible force field was so easily penetrated, Yanagi couldn’t believe it. So he picks himself up off the floor and gets right back into it. Big mistake.

With five grand on the line, Yanagi had no choice but to soldier on and go for broke, regardless if his mysterious fighting technique was complete and utter b*llshit. But alas, Yanagi was simply no match for a real fighter.

Goh landed three thunderous lefts and one devastating kick to Yanagi’s face and it was lights out.

Yanagi was left on the ground, writhing in pain and assuming the fetal position. He and his students would never be the same.

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  1. The trick is that he slips them “mickey’s” with ketamine, thorazine, purple microdot, and something a Haitian witch doctor won’t divulge!

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