Guy Claims To Be Taekwondo Champ But It Doesn’t End Well For Him

That spinning head kick tho…

It’s probably not a good idea to go around claiming you are a marl artist if it’s not true. We’ve seen how people can get exposed in controlled environments such as gyms or dojos, but it’s even more dangerous in the street.


The difference between the two is that a martial artist probably as enough respect just to prove the point against faker, not take it too far. Your average street fighter will probably just knock someone out, regardless of how pathetic the opponent may look.


So on to the subject of today’s article. A confrontation in a skate park gets out of control very quickly as one man boldly claims he is a champion in taekwondo and attempts to prove it against the smaller guy.

Unfortunately for the ‘TKD champ’ and his very strange looking friend, they pick on the wrong one…

Fight video on page 2


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