WATCH: Brutal Arm Break in Female Muay Thai Fight

By Dazzler
WATCH: Brutal Arm Break in Female Muay Thai Fight

Check Out This Absolutely Filthy Arm Break Between Two Female MMA Fighters at the Weekend… Andy ‘The CrAsian” Nguyen Suffered a Horrible Injury After Taking a Brutal Kick…

Your arm is not meant to look that. It’s amazing that kickboxing is not as popular in the US as it is in the rest of the world. There’s a whole host of promotions out there offering high-quality fights, like Glory, Lion Fight and of course, ONE and Bellator amongst many others. However, it’s still a relative niche sport in the States.

One of the most popular female fighters outside of the UFC is former King of the Cage champion and current RIZIN fighter Andy ‘The CrAsian” Nguyen. She styles herself as the first female Vietnamese-American MMA fight and was the first atomweight champion with KOTC.

Nguyen fought in Muay Thai for the second time in her career with Lion Fight. It definitely didn’t end the way she hoped though after she had her arm brutally broken by a powerful kick.


Nguyen was fighting Magalie Alvarez at Lion Fight 57 in The Joint in Las Vegas. The experienced MMA fighter was 1-0 in professional Muay Thai coming into this clash with Alvarez (3-1). Nobody could have predicted the way that this one would end though.

The fight was fairly even through the first round but it would end just 14 seconds into the second after Alvarez launched a heavy bone-shattering kick into Nguyen’s forearm. You can see the way the arm just hangs horribly limp after Alvarez connects with her shin. It takes a moment for the ‘CrAsian’ to realize what has happened before the fight is called to a halt.

Not nice at all.

Public Figure

The Vietnamese-American fighter went viral on New Year’s Eve last year after her Michael Jackson walkout at RIZIN 14 caught the public’s imagination. She came out to the Thriller music and did the moonwalk across the stage. Unfortunately for the former KOTC champion, she would go on to lose that fight as well. Maybe she should stick to modelling, something she’s also dabbled in.

Nguyen is best friends with UFC fighter Andrea ‘KGB’ Lee and was present for the crazy domestic abuse incident that saw Lee’s husband go on the run for 18 months. She helped to shield Lee from the assault, locking the two of them in a spare room. It turns out that she just can’t stay out of the headlines.

No Problem

Elsewhere on the card a one-handed Muay Thai fighter, Jake Peacock managed to obliterate his opponent with a devastating head kick. In one of the most inspiring pieces of combats sports news we’ve had this week, Peacock managed to connect with John Garcia’s head after landing the perfect shot.

This moves Peacock to 2-0 in professional Muay Thai and he was rightfully given a standing ovation by the Las Vegas crowd. He’s not the first one-handed fighter to compete at a high-level – Nick Newell being the most famous – but he’s definitely still an incredible athlete and you’ve got to give him credit.