Donald Cerrone v Conor McGregor Could be a Reality After ‘The Notorious’ Tweeted His Admiration And Respect For ‘Cowboy’ After a Violent Win in New York…

You can never write off Donald Cerrone. One of the most legendary fighters in MMA, he went back down to lightweight today to fight rising contender Alexander Hernandez, and boy, did he teach him a lesson in respecting your elders. ‘Cowboy’ had to endure a lot of trash talk in the build-up to this one but was able to turn it to his advantage.

Hernandez came into this one on the back of an eight-fight winning streak, including victories over Olivier Aubin-Mercier and Beneil Dariush. He’s been cited by many sources as one to watch for 2019, but the hype train was definitely derailed tonight.

This was a superb fight and one of the finest performances of ‘Cowboy’s career. It culminated with a devastating second-round TKO, that even attracted the attention of an attentively watching Conor McGregor. See the tweet by the Irishman below.

Let’s Fight

McGregor is one of the most justifiably arrogant fighters in the game. He makes it his business to antagonize his opponents in any way possible. Now and again though he will come out with words of respect for his past opponents and for fighters that he’s impressed by in the octagon. This has happened to Nate Diaz, Max Holloway and Dustin Poirier in the past. Like everybody else watching, he was obviously very entertained by this fight tonight and wrote:

“For a fight like that Donald, I’ll fight you. Congratulations.”

Challenge Accepted. If this goes ahead, it could be absolute carnage.


Standing and banging with Donald Cerrone is a very dangerous game. Hernandez found this out firsthand in violent style. The younger man started the fight very fast, forcing ‘Cowboy’ backwards. However, Cerrone was able to find his rhythm and began to unleash a devastating striking clinic on his opponent.

His combinations were diverse and vicious, and soon Hernandez had blood coming from cuts by both eyes. The finish came in the second round, with Cerrone on top. The last thing Hernandez knew before the fight ended, he was on the floor after Cerrone landed a thudding head kick, that dropped him to the floor. From there it was all ground-and-pound and the referee intervened to end the fight.

Donald Cerrone takes on Alexander Hernandez. Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports.


After beating the Texan, Cerrone wasted no time in saying who he wanted next. There have been rumblings and speculation that the two of them could fight when McGregor finally gets cleared by the Nevada Athletic Commission. In his post-fight interview, Cerrone said:

“The old man’s still got it. I want top five. I even want Conor McGregor if he’ll agree to it. Cowboy’s back. I’m on a roll baby, here I come.”

This would be a fascinating fight. Both of them would believe that they are in with a strong chance of winning. It’s definitely very fan-friendly too. The UFC would be foolish not to try and make it.

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