Two days away from UFC 205 and all hell has broke loose…

UFC 205 is set to explode this coming Saturday November 12. Heading in to the first UFC event in New York City, stakes have been raised. With everything on the line for all parties involved, UFC 205 is about as pivotal as MMA will ever be.

Facing Conor McGregor in his first lightweight title defense, Eddie Alvarez will look to derail the hype behind the featherweight champ. Undoubtedly the biggest current draw in the sport, the Irish star is looking to completely take over the UFC.


Two Titles in the UFC?

Should he win, McGregor will set the record as the first ever simultaneous two-weight UFC champion. His trash talk towards Eddie Alvarez has been typically tense. Has the Irish striker got inside Alvarez’s head?

The current 155-pound boss has been calm and collected, insisting McGregor is only talking to try and convince himself. Few expected the UFC 205 press conference today to be tame, but nobody thought there’d be a repeat of the classic UFC 189/194 belt snatch.


Yep, that’s Conor McGregor dressed as a pimp!

UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor was 15 minutes late to the presser, and Eddie Alvarez was not happy. Unable to be heard over the chants of the Irish crowd, Alvarez eventually stormed off the stage.

Once ‘The Notorious’ did turn up, he jacked the lightweight champion’s belt. Perhaps wary after the infamous UFC 202 water bottle incident, the UFC had hired security on stage to keep the peace.

Watch the video of the UFC 205 pre-fight press conference here:

YouTube video

Here We Go!

Drama drama drama! Eddie Alvarez and Conor McGregor get heated once again, and the tensions have reached a peak.

Here at ScrapDigest we’ll have all the top footage and highlights of UFC 205 this weekend. Check in with us throughout this incredible and historic fight weekend for all the UFC 205 news, results and videos.

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