WATCH: Eddie Alvarez Ruins Conor McGregor’s Surprise Announcement

The UFC 205 press conference yesterday in New York was everything anyone could have expected it to be.


Conor was late as usual, and the press conference began with an ominous empty chair placed to the left of the podium. For the UFC 202 press conference, when Diaz was placed in the same situation, he and his team opted to leave early to show Conor they won’t bend to his schedule. Alvarez, in contrast to Diaz, chose to walk off stage. Alvarez asked to be called when Conor showed up, and left his championship belt on the table.

When Conor arrived, wearing what appeared to be a fur coat and pyjamas, he promptly swiped the championship belt Alvarez had left unattended. This led to a near physical confrontation between the two when Alvarez returned, and Conor had to briefly be removed from the stage.

None of this was anything knew, until Alvarez let loose some information that had not previously been available to the public.

from Fox Sports
from Fox Sports

Does Alvarez Know What Conor Intends to Announce on Saturday?

Conor was asked a question regarding the announcement he intends to make after the fight. Rumours have been stirring that Conor intends to take a break from fighting or possibly retire altogether. While the likelihood of Conor retiring with so much money yet to be made, some believe that he intends to claim retirement as a way of taking an extended absence.

McGregor: “Don’t worry about it (his announcement), just buy that pay-per-view… twice.”

Alvarez: “I can tell you what that special announcement is, you guys wanna know what it is?”

“Conor is having two kids and his girlfriend is not having twins, so you guys do the math.”

Interestingly enough, Conor did not respond to this allegation, leading to speculation that it may be accurate.

The comments made by Alvarez bring up a few questions.

First of all, if correct, how is it that Alvarez came about this information?

If Alvarez has managed to obtain information that was unavailable to even the craftiest of MMA’s media, who is giving it to him? Could it be someone in Conor’s inner circle? What other information does Alvarez have access to?

If Alvarez’s statements prove to be correct, Conor might need to take a hard look at some people close to him.

from News2Read
from News2Read

Is Alvarez Making This Up?

The other option is that Eddie is just making this up. He could in fact be responding to the rumoured reason as to why GSP planned to take a break after his fight with Johny Hendricks. While these rumours ultimately proved to be untrue, at one time it was believed GSP had gotten two women pregnant at the same time.

While this doesn’t explain why Alvarez would make a similar claim about Conor, it does seem to be a bizarre coincidence.

It would also be a bizarre announcement to hold off until a PPV event in Madison Square Garden. Conor holding up two title belts and announcing to the world “I got 2 fookin’ babies on the way!” doesn’t seem likely. By the end of UFC 205, we should have a better idea of what is true and what is made up.

Check out all the ridiculousness from the UFC 205 press conference below.

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