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Conor McGregor and Donald Cerrone finally came face-to-face. They met at the official UFC 246 pre-fight press conference. Both men were notable for their positive energy and enthusiasm. This is a massive fight for the two fighters. Cerrone is facing the biggest opponent of his life.

However, The Notorious needs to win this one. He says that he plans on fighting three times this year. A loss to Cerrone will end his hopes of going on another spectacular run. It will also stunt his star appeal for sure. But he says that’s he in a good spot and he’s going to continue it. Only time will tell if he’s able to prove his word.

McGregor also said that his camp has been more structured than ever before. He’s also abstained from his whiskey as he tries to get himself in top shape for the fight. UFC 246 goes down in the T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas. The UFC is starting off 2020 with a massive bang. And we can’t wait.


The two men were very respectful towards each other throughout the press conference. McGregor made it clear that he believes he can read Cerrone like a children’s book but said that he likes the American and respects him. It’s definitely an interesting change of image for the Irishman, but it will be fascinating to see how long it lasts.

When they finally faced off it was definitely an intense moment. But they smiled, shook hands and showed respect. They laughed with each other several times and cracked several jokes at each other’s expense. However, the lack of pure trash talk was noticeable. This is a new and focused McGregor. Will that be enough to beat Cerrone?

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There was an interesting moment when Canadian journalist Morgan Campbell tried to ask about the sexual assault allegations. He was immediately booed by the crowd and was shut down by both Cerrone and Dana White. However, McGregor stayed silent.

“A couple quick questions for Conor about your legal issues,” Campbell started. “What can you tell us—-”

The boos began, then Cerrone said, “We’re here to talk about a fight, nothing he does outside of fighting. Why does everybody keep going there?”

“He answered these questions yesterday on ESPN,” White responded.


Meanwhile, McGregor has credited LeBron James for inspiring him to look after his body. From now on he intends to invest more in his health and fitness than on material objects. If it works for LeBron, it should work for The Notorious.

“I read something about LeBron James a while back about maybe a year ago,” McGregor told Ariel Helwani. “That he spent $1.5 million annual on his health, himself. His everything. His nutritionists, trainers, everything. And I spent nothing. Only in camp.”

“I drop money on a bleeding car, or a watch,” McGregor said. “So I’m like, spend on myself. My health, my fitness, and that’s helped me. And then you’re going to acquire even more when you’re sharp, and that’s what I am now.”

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