WATCH: Bob Sapp vs. Giant Bear Match Goes Terribly Wrong

By Salvador Sanchez
WATCH: Bob Sapp vs. Giant Bear Match Goes Terribly Wrong

Pride FC and K-1 veteran Bob Sapp is not exactly known for his legitimate pedigree in the fight game. When he faced a giant bear in Japan this week, the former football player came close to being eaten alive on live TV…

When you mention the name Bob Sapp to any knowledgeable fight fan, they’ll probably tell you the guy is a joke. No doubt his recent run of form has been weaker than weak, but he used to be a legit prospect.

Many fans tend to forget how Sapp finished K-1 legend Ernesto Hoost not once, but twice back in the day. There certainly was a time when Sapp had great potential. Although he would never have been a world beater, he certainly had the size and brute strength to dominate.

Unfortunately, Sapp would end up going in the opposite direction. As time went on, Sapp’s sheer size became little more than a sideshow, as he would flop and dive into a record-breaking losing streak.

Sapp Makes Comeback Against a Bear, Nearly Dies

This week in Japan, the infamous ‘Beast’ Sapp took his circus show to a whole new level. Facing a bear, yes, an actual bear, in a bizarre competition, Sapp put his strength to the test.

Enclosed within a cage, with a perspex barrier separating them, Sapp vs. the bear very nearly ended in disaster.

Watch as the blundering Bob has to escape the cage when the bear breaks the perspex barrier separating them, but only after losing the competition, of course:

The Losing Streak Continues

During an interview with, MMA’s biggest loser discussed his world-famous streak of poor form:

I have been on a losing streak. That’s right, I’ve lost maybe seven or ten of them, perhaps even more, but I still manage to sell out every stadium and do more than every one of the promotions, all around the world.

Only a total of four times, has The Beast ever fought in the United States, and I’m still making…last month it was $200,000 and the month before that was $300,000. I’m still making over a million dollars a year.

Well, to put myself in the win column, I need a nice victory. The first thing that I do, is go right at him 100%, give it my all, and land something, move quicker to place myself at more of an advantage.

Sometimes, you can get a situation that’s, ‘Hey Bob, we want you to go in there and go really light. This guy is an upcoming dude. Then we want you to start banging it out, and this guy’s going to come back at you, but don’t go so that if you lose, it’s going to be so fast, or if you knock this guy out, not so fast.’ They will say that.

Then they’ll pass the money to the other guy and go, ‘Kill him.’ You’ll see me go in there, just to do a light spar, and I’ll get my rib broke or I’ll get blasted between the nuts. Then, just in defense, I may come back and win. They’re going, ‘What the heck?’ Then, magically, you may see that person no longer around me.