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UFC Welterweight Contender Darren Till Has a Defiant Messager for All of His Many Haters… Check Out the Clip Below of His First Post Since Reactivating Instagram… 

2018 was set up to be Darren Till’s year, until all of a sudden it wasn’t. Coming off of the back of a tight, tactical victory over Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson, he was rewarded with a title shot against former champion Tyron Woodley. He was totally dominated across two rounds as his dream was crushed. It was a massive wake-up call for the previously unbeaten British fighter, who was heavily promoted by the UFC.

However, it wasn’t over there. To add to his woes, he was sensationally and brutally knocked out in front of an English crowd in London by the angstiest man in MMA, Jorge Masvidal. Till’s reaction was to go on a lad’s holiday in the Canary Islands, steal a taxi and let off fire extinguishers in a hotel. The perpetrators were fined and released by the Spanish authorities.

‘The Gorilla’ had deleted his social media, but now he’s back online and posting again. Check out Till’s defiant and sweaty clip below.


As Instagram can be volatile, we’ve given you a Twitter version of the video he uploaded. In the footage, Till stares out at the camera. He’s sweating buckets and practically unblinking. Clearly, he thinks he looks very intense. But it doesn’t matter what people think, as he makes very clear with the caption:

“F**k what you think.”

This is followed by a taxi emoji, which is obviously a direct reference to the incident in the Canaries. Now Till is currently training in Dubai and looks like he’s working up a sweat as he prepares for his Octagon return sometime this year.

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Big Change

Till has faced a lot of adversity in his life. He was infamously stabbed in an incident in Liverpool, which prompted him to pack his bags and move to Brazil, reigniting his focus and career. Perhaps something so radical is necessary for him to get back on track in a dangerous welterweight division.

Another idea is that he could finally make the step up to middleweight. Till has had weight issues, coming in heavy against Stephen Thompson. He nearly kills himself to get down to 155, so it’s not impossible that this is affecting his performances.

Darren Till. Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports.


Like Conor McGregor, Till has an intense love for his hometown. However, the problem is that when you gain fame and become someone special, you gain a lot of baggage. Moving to Brazil allowed Till to create a new persona. Maybe he should consider relocating or switching camps for a while, just to freshen things up.

Khalil Rountree Jr. gave an inspirational example of how switching things up can reignite your career. He moved from the US to Tiger Muay Thai in Thailand and looked like a different fighter against Eryk Andyrs. Till could perhaps take inspiration from his example.

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