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Donald Cerrone Might Have Lost Last Night in Singapore, But Won the Hearts of Fans Around the World… 

‘Cowboy’ will never be a UFC champion now. But that doesn’t matter. He’s captured the hearts of fans around the world countless times for his action-style, his ridiculously short turnaround times, and his desire to stand and bang in the center of the octagon.

He demonstrated this again last night in the Singapore Indoor Arena when he took on Leon Edwards in the main event of UFC Singapore. In the end, Edwards came away with the unanimous decision, having sliced Cerrone’s face to ribbons with slick striking in the early rounds and a vicious knee to the face.

Despite this, Cerrone remained the star of the show. In the post-fight interview, he had the first and last word. It also came to light that he had been close to withdrawing before the fight through illness. Add in the fact that his wife is due to give birth, and it was incredible that ‘Cowboy’ was there in the first place. Now watch this GIF below. What a legend.

True Warrior

The GIF captures a moment that effectively sums up Cerrone’s career. It’s the last 20 seconds of the fight and he was visibly frustrated that Edwards was preferring to evade his attacks. He points to the center of the octagon, Max Holloway style, face all bloody, and tells Edwards to stand and bang.

It got the loudest cheer of the night. In the end, it didn’t matter that Cerrone lost. What mattered was that fans got to see him fight, and knew that with him involved, win or lose, they were guaranteed some entertainment. That was the first time he was taken to a decision after five rounds since 2009.


After the fight, Cerrone said that his standing in the UFC hasn’t changed. He’s probably right. Holly Holm is probably the only other fighter that could lose 4 out of 5 fights and still get main event status. It just shows the type of character he is. ‘Cowboy’ was incredibly close to being forced to withdraw. He told Dan Hardy:

“I was sick, like literally sick all day, couldn’t get out of bed. So for me to come in here and tell my coaches, ‘Man, I don’t feel like going in there tonight.’ I’ve never felt like that ever. But, f**k, that’s no excuse.”

Unlike other fighters who might have said that to downplay his defeat, Cerrone was instead demonstrating why he is one of the most respected fighters in the world. He’s one of those rare fighters who it doesn’t matter whether or not they win a UFC title. Justin Gaethje is another. Fans know what they’re getting and they love it.

Baby Blues

Add in the fact that Cerrone was facing 30 hours of travel to try and race home for the birth of his first child and it’s clear that he’s a rare breed. There are very few fighters out there like him.

Champions like Tyron Woodley, Nicco Montano (Yes she exists), and even Demetrious Johnson would do awful things to get the love that Cerrone receives. One more win for ‘Cowboy’ will see him with the most in UFC history.

Let’s hope he gets it.

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