Oh Edmond, you are such an idiot…

Leading up to UFC 207, all the talk and hype was focus was on Ronda Rousey. Former women’s bantamweight champion and WMMA pioneer, it certainly has a nice ring to it. Evidently, it was the silent champion who was far more of a threat at UFC 207.

The Brazilian ‘Lioness’ hunted down ‘Rowdy’ like she was a wounded gazelle. Once Nunes caught up with her opponent, it was all over. Rousey could not take the punishment, and was eating punches in a brutal scene.

Mandatory credit: Mark J Rebilas USA Today Sports
Mandatory credit: Mark J Rebilas USA Today Sports

Coach Edmond

It’s been said many times in the past, but what the hell is going on with coach Edmond? Currently the longtime coach of Ronda Rousey, Edmond Tarverdyan is a sketchy character, at best.

Ronda Rousey’s own mother once blasted Edmond, stating she’d like to ‘run him over,’ and calling him a ‘scumbag fraud piece of sh*t.’ After watching his corner advice to Ronda Rousey at UFC 207, the surprisingly nontechnical blurb he is screaming is alarming.

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Tarverdyan: Make her miss, miss, miss! Ronda, make her miss!

Second cornerman: Be patient. Pick your moments

Fight starts. Tarverdyan: Head movement! Head movement! Head movement! Head movement! Head movement! Head movement! Head movement!

Tarverdyan: Yes, move!

Rousey is already taking a few punches at this point, unable to properly defend. She continues to take damage as the following takes place.

Tarverdyan: Hands up! Hands up! Hands up! Catch her! Clinch! Second cornerman: Get to the head!

Rousey is unable to get the clinch, starts taking worse damage as Nunes lands some power shots.

Tarverdyan: Head movement! Good job! Jab!

Rousey is unable to establish the jab or fight back. She takes a defensive position with a high guard on her left side as she continues to take more punishment.

Tarverdyan: Move, move! Come on, please!

Rousey starts to move to her left as more shots keep coming.

Tarverdyan: Move, move, move! Clinch, clinch, clinch, clinch, clinch, clinch!!

Nunes finishes Rousey, makes the shushing sign as she walks triumphantly around the cage.


Nunes makes her way to Tarverdyan and says a few things before popping her head out of the cage to say a few more bon mots. Edmond remains quiet during this part.

Tarverdyan: (as Amanda walks away) Move, (unintelligible)… move! Fuck!

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