WATCH: Francis Ngannou Destroys Junior Dos Santos

By Dazzler

Junior Dos Santos is Still Alive… Barely… But Francis Ngannou is Officially the Most Terrifying Man in the World… 

Francis Ngannou is surely the most terrifying heavyweight in the history of the UFC. The Cameroonian doesn’t just knock out his opponents. He separates their souls from their bodies. Andrei Arlovski, Curtis Blaydes (twice), Alistair Overeem, Cain Velasquez and now Junior Dos Santos have all fallen victim to his outrageous power.

It’s amazing really. That’s three former UFC heavyweight champions and a former Glory kickboxing champion. Now Ngannou will surely be next in line for another title shot after yet another devastating KO that ended his Brazilian opponent’s hopes of one last run at the belt.

Check out the footage below of yet another scary highlight reel finish from the Ngannou camp. You just wouldn’t bet against him. Now he looks set to take on the winner of Daniel Cormier v Stipe Miocic who will fight for the title in August.


It only took 71 seconds for the carnage to be unleashed. Dos Santos and Ngannou are two of the most devastating knockout punchers in the UFC. The crowd was audibly in awe of every strike the two men threw. The Brazilian started off with some thudding leg kicks to Ngannou’s tree trunk legs, but he wasn’t really able to get going.

Then he threw a wild overhand right. It was sloppy and Ngannou took advantage in devastating style. He landed some hard right hands to his opponent’s skull, before finishing him off with some hard follow-up strikes. Herb Dean should definitely have intervened quicker than he did. He definitely did Dos Santos no favours.

Title Shot

To nobody’s surprise, Ngannou called for another title shot. He’s earned it and is definitely the clearest challenger in the heavyweight division right now. He’s won three fights on the bounce since the toughest period of his career when he lost back-to-back matches against Stipe Miocic and Derrick Lewis by decision. Since then he’s proven his mentality and come back strong.

“I think the only thing left now is the winner of Stipe and DC,” Ngannou said. “I want the title shot bad.”

That’s what should happen. He’d love to set things right with Stipe and it would be interesting to see how he would cope with the former champion’s ground game after being schooled in their first fight. A clash with Cormier would also be interesting, but maybe not so fun for Ngannou.

Great Story

The only way he doesn’t get the title shot is if Cormier beats Miocic and Jon Jones decides to challenge for the heavyweight title. Hopefully, for Ngannou’s sake, that won’t happen and the wheels of the division will keep spinning. If anything, his recent resurgence after that dark spell has only enhanced his story.

Ngannou famously came from poverty in Cameroon, before moving to Paris where he wanted to become a professional boxer. He hadn’t even heard of MMA until he was given a place to stay at his first MMA gym in the French capital. Now he’s set to be a UFC title contender again.