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Nick Diaz is Looking to Make a Return to Action According to His Teammate Gilbert Melendez… Could a Fight Soon be on the Cards?

One of MMA’s favourite sons is Stockton’s finest, Nick Diaz. His personality and charisma helped establish to establish the elder Diaz brother as one of the most popular UFC fighters never to win a belt. He’s had some great fights and his desire to keep things real make him really stand out.

Too bad that it’s been four years since he last stepped into an octagon. Diaz was banned after testing positive for marijuana after his fight with Anderson Silva. It’s one of the sport’s great travesties considering at least half of the fighters in the game smoke a bit of herb in their spare time.

He hasn’t come back since then and wasn’t even allowed to corner his brother Nate in his fights against Conor McGregor. Now though, if reports are to be believed, a comeback could be on. His teammate Gilbert Melendez has stirred the pot.

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Although Jake Shields had said in the past that Nick is basically retired, the lure of the cage and the cash that comes with it could be too much for him to say no to. Gilbert Melendez spoke to respected combat sports journalist Gareth A. Davies for Fighters Only Magazine. He said:

“Nick is back in Lodi. He’s a ninja. I have a feeling he’s getting ready. I don’t know what for. It could just be for himself personally, but I think he might be getting into shape and getting back into a routine of training.”

There’s a difference between keeping fit and getting yourself in fighting shape. If Melendez thinks the latter, then we’ll take him at his word. It would be awesome to see the elder Diaz back in a cage again. It’s been way too long.

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Melendez was also able to offer an insight into Nate Diaz’s potential trilogy fight with Conor McGregor. He believes that Nate would be better served by fighting lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagamedov.

“I believe that trilogy is there,” Melendez said. “Just like my fight with Diego Sanchez is always there regardless. Just like Nick’s fight with Georges St-Pierre is always there. They could do it ten years down the road but I think it’s there. I’d really like to see Nate fight whoever he wants. Yes, Conor, but I want to see him fight Khabib.”

”I think [Nate]’s a grappler, he welcomes the ground,” Melendez continued. “The only one who welcomes the ground like him is Tony Ferguson. He’s a guy you don’t want to stand with, but then you take him down and you want to get out of that guard. Nate is dangerous. I want to see Nate and Khabib right now. I’ll watch Conor and Nate up to ten years down the road.”

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Big Questions

Well, what do you think? Will Nick Diaz ever fight again? Time is running out for the former welterweight contender. And what will Nate Diaz do if he gets past Anthony Pettis? A fight with Conor McGregor would make financial sense, but could a title shot be too alluring for him?

He has said that he’s done with lightweight, but the chance to take on Khabib could be too good to turn down. When the Diaz brothers are involved, the drama is quick to follow.

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