WATCH: Max Holloway Completes Bottle Cap Challenge in Style

By Darren
WATCH: Max Holloway Completes Bottle Cap Challenge in Style

‘Blessed’ Isn’t Just a Deadly Fighter in the Octagon… He’s Technically a Brilliant Martial Artist… Check Out How He Completed the Bottle Cap Challenge in This Footage Below… 

Max Holloway is one of the best fighters on the planet today. He’s in contention to be considered the greatest featherweight of all time, although realistically it will take another couple of title defences before he’s able to snatch that honorary title from Brazil’s Jose Aldo.

With his ability to pour on ridiculous amounts of pressure and his high striking output, Holloway is very entertaining to watch. Outside the cage, fans have warmed to the Hawaiian’s personality and his relationship with his son. He’s also got some of the best tattoos in the game.

It’s easy to forget that it takes a lot of skill to be an MMA fighter, so when he posted a picture of him completing the bottlecap challenge, a lot of people sat up and took notice. Check out ‘Blessed’ showing off his moves below. It’s going to make you want to get up off of that couch.

Bottle-Cap Challenge

The bottlecap challenge is basically where you open the bottle with a kick. You’re not allowed to break it or the person holding the bottle. It’s all about precision, speed and perfect timing. Holloway demonstrated that he has all of that with a slick demonstration above.

Watch as he executes a perfect reverse roundhouse kick to hope the bottle with his heel. We don’t know how many bottles or Hawaiian hands were broken in the making of this video but it’s definitely an impressive piece of skill. That is so difficult to do.


Of course, Holloway’s demonstration of skill was always going to inspire other fighters to show off as well. Belal ‘Remember the Name’ Muhammad decided to have a go at the challenge too and it was equally entertaining. Muhammad’s attempt at a kick was much more like you would expect from an average Joe, as he literally lumped the hand of the dude holding the bottle.

“Yo @blessedmma isn’t the only talented one in the @ufc,” he wrote.

It’s definitely an inspiring piece of footage. If you want to be an MMA fighter then remember Belal. The dude knows where it is at. Also, he deserves a title shot for that hat alone. Sensational.

Mandatory Credit: Stephen R. Sylvanie, USA TODAY Sports.


Holloway is set to take on Frankie Edgar in his fourth title defence since becoming featherweight champion. It will be interesting to see how the Hawaiian responds to his first defeat since 2013, after losing to Dustin Poirier at lightweight last April.

‘Blessed’ will surely be wanting to prove that he’s not affected by that setback and that at 145lbs nobody can come close to him. Meanwhile, Edgar will be looking to become the sixth two-weight champions in the game. ‘The Answer’ is a former lightweight champion. While most fans believe that Alex Volkanovski had the better claim to a title shot, Edgar won’t care. Don’t sleep on the veteran.