It’s the Rivalry Nobody Knew They Wanted… But it’s the Rivalry We’ve Got… Paulie Malignaggi and Artem Lobov Officially Don’t Like Each Other, After The Magic Man B*tch Slapped The GOAT Across the Face… 

Fans can very easily forget that Paulie Malignaggi was actually a very good boxer. The former WBA and IBF champion has a glittering resume and took on many top-level fighters throughout his career. Unfortunately, one incident looks to have tarnished his reputation forever.

We’re talking of course about his decision to be a sparring partner for Conor McGregor’s fight with Floyd Mayweather. It absolutely backfired on ‘The Magic Man,’ who was shown being dropped in leaked footage, that he has vehemently protested since then.

Now he’s signed for Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship and is set to take on McGregor’s teammate, friend, and training partner Artem Lobov. Things got tasty between the two of them when Malignaggi decided to put hands on ‘The Russian Hammer.’ Check out the clip below.


First of all, we have to show respect to both men. Clearly, Malignaggi is incredibly tough because he didn’t break his hand off of the legendary skull of the GOAT. And also Lobov showed admirable self-control, choosing not to eradicate the former boxer from the face of the earth with one might blow.

Their rivalry brewed to a head at a press event where they both got in each other’s faces and shouted abuse at each other. Lobov goaded his new rival until Malignaggi finally snapped and slapped his nemesis across the face. Both men had to physically separated.

“Next time it’s a harder slap! That was a bitch slap for a bitch!” Malignaggi ranted after being dragged away by BKFC officials. Don’t get in my face and make threats here! I got in your face to promote! Don’t get in my face and make threats here, because I’ll f**k you up here!”

The reason Paulie Malignaggi hates Conor McGregor. Screenshot: Youtube.


It was an absolute stroke of genius from BKFC to get the Lobov and Malignaggi rivalry in motion.  Lobov is fighting Justin Knight first – and ‘Hick Diaz’ is no walk in the park.

If the ‘Russian Hammer’ can do his part, then a match-up with Malignaggi will be next on the cards. They’re blatantly hoping that Conor McGregor will be in attendance, and there’s a strong chance he will be. While it’s unlikely the Irishman will turn to bare-knuckle boxing, who knows what could happen?

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports


Make no mistake: Malignaggi is obsessed with the idea of beating McGregor. He’s coming for the Irishman – in his own head at least. He told the MMA Hour’s Luke Thomas:

“The only guy that doesn’t want to make Malignaggi-McGregor is McGregor and anyone directly involved with because they understand the game is over once that fight happens. The show, the game, the flaunting, everything’s over. Because once I beat the shot out of you after all the past we’ve had and all the lies you’ve told, you’re done, you’re history. Nobody will ever want to remember you again. So you can’t have that. Not even his Proper whiskey would sell anymore.”

Good luck with that.

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