WATCH: Handcuffed Conor McGregor Heckled by Fans

Fans Hurl Abuse At Conor McGregor During his Handcuffed Walk of Shame…

Conor McGregor is on his way to a date with the judge¬†and jury. The Irishman has been led out of NYPD’s 78th Precinct in handcuffs. He is being charged with three counts of criminal assault and one count of criminal mischief.

The Irishman stunned the world last night when he marched into the Barclay Center in Brooklyn with a gang of friends. Clearly, think he was as untouchable as Whitey Bulger, McGregor and his gang started throwing dollies, trash cans, and everything heavy around them that they could get their hands on.

Video captured him chucking a dolly at a glass window of the UFC 223 red fighter corners bus. Realizing that he is a whole world of trouble, McGregor handed himself into police. Soon the world will learn what’s going to happen to the most divisive figure in combat sports today.

Better times for Conor McGregor. Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports.


If he expected to be treated like a hero, McGregor must have been disappointed. Led out the front door of the precinct in handcuffs, he was heckled by UFC fans waiting outside to catch a glimpse of the star in his shameful state. The most polite thing fans could be heard shouting was:

“Hey respect Brooklyn!”

McGregor doesn’t respect anyone and that’s been his problem since earning $100 million dollars against Floyd Mayweather. His behavior has become increasingly erratic. There was that alleged encounter with Irish gangsters in a Dublin pub, controversial moments where he was accused of racism and homophobia, and that Bellator cage incident.

Gone too far? Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports.

Serious Consequences.

It is believed that McGregor will be released once the judge issues a court date. Therefore, it’s unlikely we’ll find out exactly what his sentence will be today. However, he’s set into a whole world of legal trouble. Even if he’s released and cleared of charges.

Michael Chiesa has suffered lacerations to his face, while Ray Borg got glass in his eyes. Six fighters had their UFC 223 fights removed from Saturday night’s card. Meanwhile, the UFC might take severe action against McGregor. Emphasis on ‘might’ because you really never know what they’re going to do with their biggest cash cow.

Artem Lobov has been dropped from UFC 223 for his role, while McGregor and his entourage from last night are all banned from going near the arena. It remains to be seen whether or not the UFC actually cut either fighter.

Ongoing Case

It’s the tip of the iceberg in a dramatic week for all the wrong reasons. It all started off when Tony Ferguson tore his LCL and was replaced by featherweight champion Max Holloway. To make matters even worse, Holloway couldn’t even get to the scale, after the New York State Athletic Commision ruled him to be medically unfit.

Imagine if this was all a ploy by the UFC to just suddenly drop Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagamedov? We’re being lured into false pretenses. McGregor isn’t being taken to a courthouse and he isn’t facing potential prison time.

Nope, he’s being driven to the Barclay Center. However, it does like we’re going to get Khabib vs Anthony Pettis instead. Things could be worse. Knowing the UFC’s luck, they probably will be.

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