UFC color commentator Joe Rogan has been around the sport for some 20 years now. During his time with the UFC, Rogan has seen some of the greatest names in the sport rise and fall. In watching so many fights, he has become very knowledgeable about mixed martial arts.

As well as analysing the best fighters the sport has to offer, Rogan was a pretty tidy striker in his prime. Although having never competed in mixed martial arts, Joe Rogan was a grand-slam national Tae Kwon Doe champion by 20 years old.



Rogan Can Fight

Following a number of cool training videos of Joe Rogan, it’s been clearly established that he can fight. During a recent episode of his podcast, Rogan spoke with champion level trainer Duane Ludwig.

Also chatting with TJ Dillashaw, Rogan raised a number of interesting points about modern fighting. The long and short of it is that both UFC veterans actually learned a bit from Rogan. That’s saying something.

The following video of Rogan training striking with ‘Bang Ludwig’ also emerged:

A video posted by Duane Ludwig (@duanebangcom) on

The difference between Joe Rogan and even the older generation of UFC fighters? The answer is octagon experience. There’s no shame in not being a UFC fighter, but sometimes Rogan can push the boat out a little too far.

That’s what happened when Rogan ran in to  UFC legend in Cleveland. UFC 203 went down this past Saturday, and was one of the strangest events of all-time. Bizarre injuries, conspiracy theories and a plummeting elevator all surrounded the peculiar PPV in Ohio.

What about the video of Joe Rogan getting choke slammed then? It’s not a joke, it actually happened, and all because Rogan was barking up the wrong tree. You’ll want to check this out.


Joe Rogan vs. Mark Coleman

UFC and Pride FC legend Mark ‘The Hammer’ Coleman is regarded as a pioneer of MMA. He is the first UFC heavyweight champion, two-time UFC torunament winner and Pride FC grand prix champ of 2000.

Check out the video of Joe Rogan trying his luck with Coleman. It started off friendly, but then Joe Rogan takes ‘The Hammer’s’ back and it gets a little rough. FYI this happened at UFC 203.

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