WATCH: Junior Dos Santos Knocks Out Derrick Lewis in Style

By Dazzler

The Former Champion Shows Why He’s Still an Elite Talent by Efficiently Finishing Derrick Lewis in Kansas… 

Junior Dos Santos is one of the most likeable UFC fighters on the roster today. There’s something about him that just screams nice guy, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t an absolute savage. He’s also slowly but surely edging his way towards a shot at regaining his former title.

Dos Santos became champion back in 2011 when he took out Cain Velasquez. He defended the belt once, beating Frank Mir, but would lose to Velasquez in a rematch. The road back to the top has been an unforgiving one. He’s had one more title shot since then, dropping a TKO loss to Stipe Miocic.

Now though it looks like he’s regained his purpose. The veteran has just made it three wins on the bounce by knocking out Derrick Lewis in Wichita, Kansas. The pair were fighting in the main event and did not disappoint. Watch the highlights below.

Great Show

This was a great performance by Dos Santos, who demonstrated that you can only get so far being a heavy hitter. Lewis was coming into this one off of the back of a title shot against Daniel Cormier and is famed for his knockout out power. ‘The Black Beast’ looked sharper in the first round of this fight than he has done in his previous couple of wins. He threw some surprisingly agile switch kicks, and that looping overhand right always looked dangerous.

Dos Santos is one of the best boxers in the division and never looked very troubled by his American opponent. He took the fight to Lewis, backing the Texan up and sniping at him with his lead jab to the body. It was very effective from the Brazilian. The defining moment of this fight came when he landed a vicious back kick to the body that almost ended Lewis right then and there.


Lewis doubled over in agony, but it actually seemed for a moment like he was just luring Dos Santos in because he then swung with a massive sledgehammer punch at the former champion. But then he visibly shelled up again and was on the back foot until the end of the round.

Something clearly wasn’t right with Lewis. It could have been his liver or his ribs, but anyway it took him a bit of time to get going in the second. His corner had ordered him to stand and bang in the centre, but he wasn’t able to assert this, and soon Dos Santos had him moving backwards again.


Suddenly this fight was all over. Dos Santos caught Lewis with a quick combo, dropping his opponent to the ground. He then swarmed him with punches, forcing referee Herb Dean to put an end to this fight. It’s probably the end of Lewis’s hopes of getting near a title shot ever again, but for Dos Santos, it’s a case of onwards and upwards.

Realistically, with the heavyweight division being as thin as it is, he’s probably only one fight away from getting another title shot. He’s already being linked to a clash with Francis Ngannou. Now that would definitely be worth watching.