Khabib Nurmagamedov Was Not Impressed With Conor McGregor Being Late… So He Didn’t Wait…

We’re less than two days out now from the biggest MMA fight of all time. Former double champion Conor McGregor and current lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagamedov have just the weigh-ins to complete before they’ll be cleared to fight each other on Saturday night in Las Vegas.

Their relationship has been built out of the toxic ashes of bus attacks and physical intimidation. We’ve seen Artem Lobov get slapped, McGregor storm attack Brooklyn’s Barclay Center with 20 goons, and end up in prison. It’s all culminated with this.

Anyway, there was just one press-conference left to complete before the clash of these two superb fighters. Khabib dutifully turned up on time. McGregor – as he always does – didn’t show up until half an hour later. When he arrived, the Russian was already gone. It was awkward but hilarious. Watch the footage below.

No Wait

‘The Eagle’ was confronted by a partisan crowd who were mostly there in support of McGregor. Needless to say, he wasn’t exactly happy to sit there listening to them abusing his name for half an hour. So he stood up and walked off,

“I no need wait for nobody,” Nurmagomedov said. “This is 3 p.m. Friends are here, media is here, everybody is here. Dana a little bit late; it’s OK. But 3 p.m. I beginning. If you have questions, let’s go.”

McGregor has a history when it comes to being punctual. He never is. That triggered the infamous bottle-throwing incident with Nate Diaz a couple of years ago and led to incidents with Eddie Alvarez. It’s all part of the psychological battle.

Fashionably Late

In a week where Khabib complained to Dana White that it is one rule for McGregor and one rule for everyone else, the UFC President remained behind in the hope that the Irishman would turn up. He finally did, coyly blaming ‘traffic’ on his late arrival. When he found out that Khabib was gone, he said:

“He’s better off running anyway,” McGregor, 30, said. “I bet you he was saying a load of s**t over here. He didn’t say anything the last time (at the press conference in New York). So, I mean, whatever. It is what it is. F*** it. These things happen.”

McGregor then went in hard on Khabib’s manager Ali Abdelaziz, who he branded a terrorist. A typical day in the life of the world’s loudest Irishman.

People’s Champion

It’s very clear that McGregor still has the love. Watch the clip above and hear the crowd singing Ole Ole Ole, traditionally sung by Irish soccer fans. He continued to field questions, even as Khabib’s table was being taken away.

This one finally goes down tomorrow night in Las Vegas’s T-Mobile arena. It’s a chance for Khabib to shut McGregor finally. But that will take some doing and it remains to be seen whether or not the pressure will get to him. It almost feels like Christmas Eve. We can’t wait.

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