Street fights usually don’t go very well for the people involved. Most of the time it ends up with two men rolling around on the ground in an undignified way. Sometimes you get a gang of guys pouring onto you and giving you a beating. Then you have the freak cases where someone falls and smashes their head off the ground.

Long story short you should avoid them if you can. But if you do end up getting into it with somebody in a McDonalds, then you should do your best to look stylish. Enter this incredible stranger who put a beating on a man with just one hand. That’s right, he held his order in one hand, including a sweet tea, and unleashed a pounding with the other.

His white leather jacket adds a whole new dimension to this story. That should have been a warning sign. You don’t want to mess with somebody who thinks that they can pull something like that off. Check out the clip below.


We don’t know exactly what happened to start this one-off. But it seems like the bandana-wearing man started mocking the leather jacket guy’s style. We’ve no idea why because he’s pulling it off. Anyway, his verbal victim didn’t take too kindly to this and unleashed a verbal barrage. This only poured fuel onto the fire and soon the two men were throwing fists.

It quickly became clear that only one of these two men knew how to fight. The man in the white leather jacket proceeded to dismantle his opponent with just one hand. He threw punches, slipping and weaving with the brown paper bag and a sweet tea in his other hand. It’s like the happy menu version of Fury v Wilder II. Only the other guy didn’t come out in a Sauron gimp suit. You’ve got to love it.


Things got even worse for the bandana guy. Despite having the athleticism of a sloth with arthritis, he decided to keep coming. That was a big mistake. The other man might have been wearing dress shoes, but he was still nimble on his feet. He trash-talked his opponent like Conor McGregor with turrets, before going in for the kill.

His counter was absolutely perfect. Every time the red bandana man threw a big haymaker, he slipped and came back with a sharp counter. Finally, he manages to drop his opponent while simultaneously looking like the coolest man on the planet. It’s the stuff dreams are made of.


As street fights go, this is one of the best we’ve seen in a long time. It’s rare somebody comes out of one looking as fantastic as this hero does. We don’t condone the abuse at the start of the video but the performance is definitely a 10 out of 10. In sum, it’s more entertaining than some UFC fights we’ve seen.

Then the beaten man has to walk out of the McDonald’s with his tail between his legs. Do you think he got fries with that? To sum up, you shouldn’t mock white leather jackets.

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