Khabib Nurmagamedov is on top of the world. The UFC lightweight champion will – hopefully – defend his title for a third time against Tony Ferguson in April. He’s the favorite going into this one, but Ferguson is an opponent literally unlike anybody he has ever faced before.

If he beats Ferguson then expect Conor McGregor rumors to go into overdrive. Khabib and The Notorious have one of the most toxic rivalries in MMA today. The Irishman is desperate for the chance to get revenge over his Russian nemesis.

But now Khabib has spoken out about McGregor’s comeback and future plans. Long story short, he’s not impressed by what’s happening. He didn’t have much respect for him beating Donald Cerrone and believes he’s still a good way from a title shot.

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If you’re Cowboy, then you probably don’t want to hear this. But Khabib thinks the American is finished. He tore into the Jackson-Wink fighter’s current condition. In short, he thinks that Cerrone is no longer an elite fighter – if he ever truly was. Because of this, McGregor should look for an elite fighter to take on. Khabib told TMZ:

“Cowboy always loses all his main event fights, always. I don’t remember when he win. In the last 10 fights, I think he lose seven times. Six or seven times. He’s not high-level lightweight or welterweight now. He’s not.

Of course, he has a big name but his time is finished. Conor needs to pick very good opponent. Now he come back and beat Cowboy who lose last 10 fights seven times, and then they talk about this guy come back. 

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According to Khabib, McGregor must fight an elite opponent like Justin Gaethje. The Highlight is currently on the sidelines as he pushes for a title fight or a clash with McGregor. However, in the past week, he has been properly linked to a match-up with the former champion for the first time. Khabib said:

“No, he has to fight really tough opponents like Justin Gaethje or something like this. He has to come back to lightweight division. He has to cut welterweight, and this is just my opinion. I think he just ducking tough match-ups. Not only just Justin Gaethje, he’s just, ‘Who’s gonna be my next fight? I need this fight.’ Of course, he can because he’s big star, but anyway, let’s talk about me, let’s talk about my next fight.”

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Makes Sense

McGregor v Gaethje does make sense but Ali Abdelaziz moved to shut it down yesterday. The Egyptian manager condemned McGregor in a tedious tweet. Somehow we don’t think Gaethje will be too happy with his manager. The Highlight wants his red panty night and we don’t blame him.

If they do fight don’t expect McGregor to show the same respect he showed Cerrone. Gaethje has been openly critical of him and McGregor will definitely let the trash talk fly. Who do you think would win if they do fight? Both men have knockout power. However, McGregor is definitely slicker on the feet while Gaethje has a wrestling advantage.

It would be a compelling match-up. Fingers crossed it goes down.

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