PICS: Manny Pacquiao Trolls Floyd Mayweather And it’s Epic

By Dazzler

This is Brilliant From the Pacman… He’s Trolled the American Boxing Legend After Mayweather Took Part in a Ridiculously One-Sided Exhibition in Japan on New Year’s Eve…

Floyd Mayweather continues to divide opinion. On the one hand, he is genuinely one of the greatest boxers of his era, and definitely one of the most efficient defensive stylists to have ever stepped into a ring. With his unbeaten 50-0 record, and has held belts in five weight classes, he was truly a tour-de-force when he was in his prime.

After coming out of retirement to put a beating on Conor McGregor for a lot of money, Mayweather took out the gloves again to batter Tenshin Nasukawa for 3 minutes and $9 million on New Year’s Eve. That’s why they call him ‘Money’. He makes dollars quicker than anyone else in the business.

However, a lot of people don’t like the boxer for his arrogance, his treatment of women, and just for being richer than some countries. Manny Pacquiao has joined the haters in slamming Mayweather’s exhibition on social media.

Screenshot: Twitter.


As you can see from the tweet above, the Filipino boxing legend has no time for Floyd’s money-making antics. He was heavily linked to a rematch against ‘Money’ in the new year, but no confirmation has happened yet. Pacquaio is set to take on Adrien Broner later this month. It’s thought that a win for the Pacman could be enough to lure Mayweather out of bed again.

“Floyd is fighting in December,” Pacquaio told MMA Fighting last month. “After that and my fight, we’ll see what happens.”

Their first meeting was one of the most highly-anticipated and anticlimactic events of all time. Pacquaio was barely able to land on Mayweather and was outpointed in a contest where both men were past their prime. Would fans really get excited about a rematch?

Shots Fired

In case there was any doubt about Pacquiao’s feelings, he also retweeted the footage above. It’s absolutely hilarious in a really horrible way. A little person gets absolutely obliterated by a sheep after trying to attack the animal. In their ‘fight’ Tenshin got dropped three times by Mayweather, with many observers, like Robin Black and Brendan Schaub, calling it a fix.

However, the likes of Michael Bisping and Ariel Helwani believe that it was legitimate because Mayweather is much bigger than Tenshin and it makes no sense for RIZIN to have one of their biggest draws destroyed in such an embarrassing way.

Money Maker

At the end of the day, Mayweather really can’t be blamed for going out there and making as much money as possible. If RIZIN wants to pay him $9 million to beat up one of their stars for three minutes – under a rule set emphatically in his favour – then why on earth would he say no?

The man is 41 next month. He’s no longer a top contender and isn’t interested in taking on the Canelos or Golovkins of this world. All he wants is his payday.