KOs are Rare in Women’s MMA… However, One of the Best Ever Just Happened at the Weekend… Hailey Cowan Landed One of the Best Head Kicks You’ll Ever See…

With so many fights going on in so many different promotions across the world, it’s impossible to keep track of everything that is going on in combat sports. That’s double the case when you have an epic fight like Deontay Wilder v Tyson Fury going on at the same time. Even UFC events get pushed to the side, and they remain the kings of MMA.

Still, though, that doesn’t mean that the regional scene doesn’t produce some absolutely epic moments. The likes of Legacy Fighting Alliance, Titan FC, and the Professional Fighters League are rapidly growing across the US. Their best fighters inevitably get snared by the UFC and Bellator, but they’re still very entertaining promotions.

At LFA 55 flyweight fighter Hailey Cowan managed to demolish her opponent in scintillating style with an unbelievable head kick that you can watch below.



LFA 55 went down at the weekend in The Bomb Factory, Dallas, Texas. There were some excellent fights on the card, with some genuine world-class finishes. LFA has boasted the likes of Valentina Shevchenko and Holly Holm in the past, so they’re not strangers to elite female martial artists.

You can almost hear the thud as Cowan’s shin meets the head of Jessica Sotack. The local girl almost has a full five seconds to think about landing a follow-up shot, but as the referee moves in to save her stricken opponent, she turns on her heels and walks away in calm and composed style. It’s an epic highlight reel moment that she can be proud of, as she moves to 2-1 in her professional career.



Clean KO finishes are very rare in women’s MMA. The reason is simple: the heavier the fighter, the easier it is to land a KO finish. That’s one of the main reasons why the UFC Men’s Flyweight division has ultimately failed. US audiences have failed to connect with their technical prowess, preferring to witness carnage.

Of course, one of the most brutal KO finishes in the history of women’s MMA occurred earlier this year at UFC 228. Former title contenders Jessica Andrade (expected to be Rose Namajunas’s next opponent) obliterated Karolina Kowalciewicz with a one-punch shot, the likes of which we very rarely see in the sport.



When you look at the track records of the best female fighters, you can really appreciate just how rare it is that we get a KO as clean and devastating as the one that Cowan landed on Sotack. Even Cris Cyborg – arguably the most physically intimidating female fighter of all time, only has one KO win on her record. Sure, she’s got a whole load of TKOs, but just the one single shot finish.

Of course, a head kick KO is going to bring memories of one of the greatest and most shocking moments in the recent history of the UFC. Holly Holm dissected the apparently indestructible Ronda Rousey with her striking, before landing a head kick KO, that stunned audiences around the world. Despite dropping a couple of headshots, she was granted the KO. Such an iconic moment deserves that.

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