At UFC 203 pro-wrestling’s CM Punk makes his UFC and MMA debut when he takes on Mickey Gall (from Dana White’s “Looking for a Fight”).

Rumours are that Punk is not doing well in his training and is not expected to put up much of a shot against Gall.  There’s a good chance that UFC 203 will be Punk’s first and only ever MMA fight.  Still, you have to give it up for the guy to a certain extent.

He left a multi-million dollar career as a pro-wrestler to give MMA a try.  While it can be seen as arrogant for him to believe that he can walk into the sport in his late 30s and be competitive, it is still something that takes a lot of guts to do.

In honour of what could be CM Punk’s “One and Done” MMA career, we look at 4 other cases of athletes who competed in only one MMA bout before deciding that they never were going to do it again.

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