This Wacky Match-Up is Going Down… The Rules for Floyd Mayweather v Tenshin Nasukawa’s Exhibition Match Have Been Officially Released to the Public… 

His name might sound like an anime character’s but Tenshin Nasukawa is very much the real deal and will be taking on the unbeaten Floyd Mayweather on New Year’s Eve, in Tokyo’s Saitama Super Arena, in the main event of RIZIN 14.

When this match-up was announced, it took the world by surprise. Mayweather was officially retired and while he had been talking about potentially boxing the UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagamedov, nobody really expected him to actually do anything. ‘Money’ likes to talk so that he can stay relevant.

After initially cancelling the bout, Mayweather v Tenshin will go ahead. The official rules have been released for what will be a three-round contest, that will heavily favour the American boxer. Can Tenshin shock the world? Only time will tell.

Official Rules

This will be a straight boxing match, which will of course favour Floyd Mayweather. Tenshin is an incredibly dynamic striker but has never fought a pure professional boxing match in his career. However, it turns out the result doesn’t matter either. The fight – if you can call it that – will only last for three three-minute rounds, and will not affect either man’s boxing or MMA record.

Furthermore, they will both wear RIZIN’s own 8oz gloves. This is the same weight as the gloves worn in the May-Mac fight, which was seen as a coup for McGregor. However, it turned out not to make any difference. Furthermore, while it will be full-contact, there will be no judges. So even if one man gets KOed, it doesn’t actually matter. Unless Mayweather is the one on the ground, of course. The official weight is 147 lbs.


Some people believe that Mayweather may have bitten off more than he can chew. As you can see from the footage above, Tenshin is a supremely sharp and fast striker. If this fight was a full-length boxing match, you’d expect Mayweather to weather the storm of the first few rounds, and wait for the 20-year-old to gas out, as Conor McGregor did.

Instead, we’re getting an exhibition that will last shorter than a standard MMA fight. This is the one serious advantage that Tenshin has. Kickboxing and MMA fights require a huge output, usually in a maximum of five, five-minute rounds. Boxing is a twelve round contest, and fighters usually use the first three or four as a feeling out process. Tenshin has excellent cardio. If he can sustain pressure from the beginning this could be very entertaining.


As you can see from the tweet above, Tenshin is adamant that he’s going to give this his all. He knows that putting on a show against Mayweather will put his name in lights. It doesn’t matter if this fight is official or not. If – and we know it’s a big if – Tenshin can knock Mayweather down, then his career is going to go on a massive upward trajectory. He tweeted:

“I went to December, I cut 30 days until the final decisive battle! Floyd vs. the second trailer of the dim. I got the opportunity to converse Floyd and fist. The two strong men who have drawn the “locus” of undefeated myth in another world while putting oneself in the martial arts field play the encounter of “miracle”. Is there a more miracle going to happen? Please send it to everyone!”

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