WATCH: MMA Fighter Destroys Kung Fu ‘Mian Fist’ Guy

By Darren
WATCH: MMA Fighter Destroys Kung Fu ‘Mian Fist’ Guy

You’ve Got to Love it When a Delusional Traditional Martial Artist Takes on an MMA Fighter… 99% of the Time it Will End One Way… With the Wannabe Martial Artist Faceplanted on the Floor… This Footage is No Different… 

MMA is in rude health right now. There have never been more promotions, professional fighters, and ordinary people training in mixed martial arts. Because of this, people’s attitudes towards MMA are changing. In the past, there was a misconception that it was for thugs, but now that has mostly changed as it becomes increasingly mainstream.

Traditional martial arts still have a place in the world though. Let’s make it clear straight away: we love traditional martial arts at Scrapdigest and believe that there are so many benefits from learning them. We also love when a delusional fake martial artist gets destroyed by a legitimate MMA fighter.

There are so many fake martial artists and McDojos out there right now. For whatever strange reason, some of these guys think they’re good enough to take on MMA fighters. Check out this Kung Fu guy v MMA Fighter clash below… It ends badly for the Kung Fu dude.


Somebody should have had a word with Sun Hua Qing. The Kung Fu stylist is a practitioner of the ‘Mian Fist’ style. Nope, us neither. Anyway, as you can see in the footage above, he took on an as of yet unnamed amateur MMA fighter. Basically, they appear to be following standard kickboxing rules and wore regular boxing gloves and kickboxing shin and instep protectors.

The two men fought it out in front of a crowd, and credit to Sun because he went for it. He threw punches like a wild man at the MMA fighter who covered up. Nothing clean landed. Then Sun tried to kick his opponent but ended up getting blocked and slipped to the ground. That should have been a danger sign that there was a definite skill difference.

Guns Blazing

Sun went forward guns blazing yet again. This time though he fell on his sword. The MMA fighter was able to catch him cleanly, smashing him to the ground. The referee intervenes and waves the fight off. It wasn’t really that surprising because the way he was walking forward made Artem Lobov’s defence look like Floyd Mayweather’s.

Unfortunately ‘Mian Fist’ style turned out not to be mean enough. MMA was just too much for the delusional martial artist.

Know Your Place

Traditional martial arts definitely still have a place in this world. The different styles of karate, Taekwondo, Jiu-Jitsu, even Aikido, all have different benefits. Some are superb for fitness, flexibility and coordination. Others have more practical self-defence components. But you’ve got to understand what it is you’re doing and be realistic about how you can apply it to real life situations.

Basically, don’t start telling people you’re indestructible. As China’s Xu Xiadong AKA Mad Dog keeps demonstrating, there’s nothing cool about pretending you’re Ip Man’s reincarnation. MMA is a sport where two fighters combine different elements of martial arts to batter each other. Realistically, few traditional artists are going to beat them in a ring.