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Bellator Fighter Dillon Danis Probably Didn’t Expect This Reaction When He Wished His Mom a Happy Mother’s Day…

According to Dillon Danis he ‘owns’ Bellator and is the greatest fighter in the world right now. He also ‘made’ Bellator 198 by beating unknown fighter Kyle Walker, whose fighter record screams of mediocrity.

Since then Danis has been openly feuding with the rest of the MMA world, who have basically thrown shade at him because of his relationship and obsession with trying to be, Conor McGregor. The pair first started training together in the run-up to McGregor’s rematch with Nate Diaz. Now they’re so close that Danis paid the Irishman’s $50,000 bail.

Yesterday Danis managed to get some more attention, although this time probably not quite how he would have wanted. Being the day that it was, he decided to wish his mom a happy mother’s day, like the good son he is. But the internet is a ruthless place, and his mom is extraordinarily glamorous. You can see where this is going.

Blame Jake Shields

Danis can blame Jake Shields for drawing the world’s attention to his mom. The California fighter, a close friend and teammate of Nick and Nate Diaz, posted a link to the Instagram post on his Twitter. He wrote:

“Dillon Danis Has The Hottest Mom in Mixed Martial Arts.”

Shields has 181,000 followers so needless to say the response was immediate and hilariously brutal. Cue a lot of Mom jokes. To be fair, what did Danis expect? He’s been running his mouth, so of course, people are going to take every opportunity to strike back. One of the funniest responses is below:


So far Dillon Danis hasn’t responded to Shields flaunting his mother’s hotness to the masses. You can only bet that it won’t take long because the young man isn’t known for staying quiet. He’s been involved in online spats with Michael Bisping and Michael Chandler over the last couple of weeks. Maybe he just doesn’t like the name, Michael.

Danis is genuinely one of the most talented grapplers in the world though. He’s a multiple world champion in No-Gi ju-jitsu and was regarded as a coup by Bellator when they eventually signed him. Even if the fight against Walker was his first ever professional MMA victory.

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Ask Askren

After beating Walker, Danis made it clear that he wants to fight former ONE welterweight champion Ben Askren next. The American is widely regarded as one of the two greatest fighters, alongside Fedor Emelianenko, never to have fought in the UFC.

However, Bellator Chief Scott Coker has poured cold water over speculation that the organization would approach Askren for a one-fight deal. Anyway, it would be a very dangerous move for Danis, against a seasoned elite MMA veteran. Danis needs to fix the holes in his stand-up game. At least his mom has his back.

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