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In an Englightening Interview, Nate Diaz has Revealed Why He Hasn’t Fought For The UFC Since 2016…

It’s almost two years since we last saw Nate Diaz standing in an octagon. He faced off against Conor McGregor in an absolute war that left both men bloody and battered. Diaz lost by razor-thin split decision, with many fans believing he’d done enough to beat the ‘Notorious’ for the second time.

Since then, Diaz has been content to enjoy the fruits of his labors in his native Stockton, California. Despite announcing that he intends to return this year, Diaz shows no sign of coming any closer to resolution with the UFC. He’s not willing to compromise on what he wants.

Diaz has already rejected strong claims that he will fight Georges St. Pierre. There’s still major bitterness in the Diaz camp about the Canadian beating Nate’s older brother Nick. Earlier this week Diaz branded St. Pierre a cheat on Facebook. Now he has revealed why he hasn’t fought for so long.

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Money Fight

Diaz told MMA Junkie that he basically wants a money fight against an opponent who interests him. None of the fighters offered to him since the McGregor fight has been exciting or lucrative enough to lure him back. He said:

“What people don’t understand is that any fight I fight is going to be a money fight. I’m not waiting for anybody. I’m just waiting for a motherf**ker to do something. Let’s get a real fight going. I’m not going to be involved in no weak s**t.”

Hang on though – doesn’t this make the fight even better? Surely he’d wish to avenge his brother’s loss and make a tonne of cash in the meantime. Then become a bigger star than he’s ever been before? Nope.
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The Diaz brothers love to smoke weed. Maybe it’s gone a little bit too much to their heads because they don’t seem to know what they want these days. He wants to fight but doesn’t want any of the options the UFC gives him.
He still has that thirst for blood though. Raw video footage was released yesterday of the Stockton fighter feuding with Clay Guida at the Combate Americas show in Los Angeles. Just come back. We need you.
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