Every now and then, we come across a fake martial artist who gets completely exposed. It is up to you to decide whether or not the man in the following video is a phony.

Frauds. They’re not always this easy to spot.

A Muay Thai “trainer” begins talking about how Muay Thai has developed his body and hardened his shins like rocks through years of training and discipline. Apparently, the shorts are worn because you kick with your shins… Wait, what does that even mean? Throwing a Muay Thai kick against a bag or standing object is not macho enough for this guy. He needs something that will really showcase his rock hard shins and kicking power.

He decides to take a running start like a field goal kicker to break a wooden stick, because somehow, that shows the essence of Muay Thai kicks, which use the hips to generate power through the target. But first, he does a karate kia shout, to really let you know he is legit. He fails at first but then makes an adjustment that might just make the kick work. Watch the video below.

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