Dana White has Revealed that the UFC is in Negotiations with Nate Diaz and Georges St. Pierre Over Potential Fight…

Now this one came out of nowhere. UFC President Dana White has revealed that talks are underway to negotiate a fight between Nate Diaz and Georges St. Pierre. Bet you didn’t see that one coming. This would be one of the biggest fights of the year and would genuinely excite fans.

Georges St. Pierre is, of course, a UFC and MMA legend. The Canadian is the greatest welterweight champion of all time and made his comeback last year to take the middleweight title from Michael Bisping. He also proved that he still has the power to sell pay-per-views. As MMA stars go, there’s few bigger than him.

Meanwhile, Nate Diaz is most famous for his two fights against Conor McGregor. At UFC 198, he stunned the world by beating the Irishman. The second time around, at UFC 202, he lost by a narrow decision. He hasn’t fought since then, but, along with his brother Nick, remains a cult hero. This fight would make a lot of sense.

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How it Would Work

Interestingly enough, White says that this would be a lightweight bout. St. Pierre most recently fought at 185, so there’s going to be a lot of weight for him to cut. Diaz has fought a few times at welterweight, so it would have been natural to expect them to fight at 170. White said:

“We are working right now to try to put together a Georges St-Pierre vs. Nate Diaz fight.┬áIt is true, and they would fight at 155 lbs.”

That’s about as clear as crystal. Of course, it must be emphasized that this fight is by no means finalized and that there are a lot of obstacles in the way before it can be. Let’s not pretend that it isn’t exciting though!

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When and Where?

White also revealed that the date and place that they are considering for this one. He appeared to confirm previous reports linking Diaz to a return at UFC 227, which is taking place in Los Angeles’s Staples Arena. He said:

“It might be L.A. In my perfect world: Dillashaw vs. Garbrandt, GSP vs. Diaz would be the co-main, Gustafsson vs. Rockhold, and Brunson vs. Antonio Carlos Junior.”

That is an awesome line-up. Let’s be real, anyone of the first three fights is good enough to be the main event. Sorry T.J and Cody: GSP vs Diaz is the people’s main. Meanwhile, confirmation that they want Gustafsson vs Rockhold is also very exciting.

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From July on it’s looking like we’re going to be treated to some very exciting cards. We’ve got Stipe Miocic vs Daniel Cormier coming up at UFC 226 in July. The spring semester of UFC action has been strange and the hiatus we’re going through right now just isn’t that fun. Hopefully, it will be worth the wait.

It’s also great to see a fight like Diaz vs GSP being considered. Both men have enough star power in their own right to make this sell. Diaz has warned that he wants his value met, while GSP is recovering from ulcerative colitis. Let’s hope the UFC can get this one done.

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