UPDATE: Close Source Confirms Floyd Mayweather’s MMA Ambitions

Floyd Mayweather to the UFC Might be Closer Than You Think Says One Man Closer to Him Than Most…

The world’s greatest ever defensive boxer may yet be stepping into an octagon. That’s according to one of the people closest to Floyd Mayweather: his bodyguard. The American officially retired about beating Conor McGregor last August to break Rocky Marciano’s unbeaten record and finish unbeaten with 50 wins under his belt.

By the end of that fight, Mayweather had learned a massive lesson about fighting Conor McGregor: it will make you a lot of money. He came away with $200 million, while the Irishman walked away with a cool $100 million. Not bad for half an hours work. They call him ‘Money’ for a reason. A one-off UFC appearance would generate millions for this 41-year-old billionaire.

Currently living it up in Las Vegas, the Mayweather to the UFC rumors have been ongoing since last November. After quietening down over the last few weeks, Mayweather’s bodyguard Greg La Rosa says that we should take the rumors seriously.

Floyd Mayweather lands a punch on Conor McGregor. Mandatory Credit: Martin Rogers, USA TODAY Sports.

World Tour

Right now Mayweather is on a world tour that has included trips to Dubai, Singapore, Bali, and Bangkok. He’s really living it up, as you would if you were super-rich with lots of powerful friends. There’s actual footage on the internet of him driving through a shopping mall in the UAE. Mayweather has said:

“As of right now, I’m touring around the world, doing different things, embracing my fans, getting love from all around the world. Right now I’m just traveling. I don’t know what the future holds, but as of right now, I’m retired.”

That doesn’t sound like he’s serious about this relationship right now folks, but maybe he’s just playing hard to get. While he’s clearly not in a fight camp right now, there’s surely only so long that he can travel the world for before getting bored? He’s literally been in shopping malls, rooftop bars and yachts everywhere he’s gone. Time to hit someone.


Not Finished

No need to be afraid folks, Greg La Rosa has told MMA Junkie Radio that ‘Money’ isn’t done yet. He’s serious about realizing his ambitions. At the end of the day, what else is a super-rich athlete going to do with himself? La Rosa said:

“A lot of people are calling bulls**t on this one, but we’ll just have to see. He’s around camp, he’s talking about it, and he’s not kidding when he talks to Jim Gray there and says if I come back it’ll be for MMA. That’s not a joke that he’s making.”

Well, he’s not really around camp right now, is he? According to his Instagram, Mayweather is on his way to the Philippines. Unless he fancies doing a bit of sparring practice with an old foe, Manny Pacquaio.


Time Will Tell

The only person who really knows what Floyd Mayweather is going to do is Floyd Mayweather. Unless he ends up bankrupt again, in which case he’ll be very quickly back in the octagon. The question remains: why would he fight in the UFC? The answer is because he’ll make a whole load of dollars.

Is Conor McGregor the right opponent for him? Even under modified rules, as has been suggested in the past, Mayweather would be at a disadvantage. ‘Money’ might be living it up right now, but don’t rule anything out.

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