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UFC Lightweight Nate Diaz is Absolutely Furious That Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagamedov Stole His Thunder And He Launched an Aggressive Tirade Against The UFC…

Oh, Nate… Why does it have to be like this? Yesterday started off so well for the Stockton, California native. His fight against Dustin Poirier at UFC 230, in the co-main event, was announced. Fans were absolutely delighted that he was finally coming back to fight after two years out of action.

What was genuinely one of the most positively received announcements of recent times, was overshadowed by what came that evening. At the end of the UFC 227 pre-fight press conference, a promotional video for Conor McGregor vs Khabib was released, making this fight official. Suddenly nobody cared what a Dustin Poirier or a Nate Diaz is.

Anyway, the Californian is not happy with what he sees as a ridiculous amount of underpromotion by the UFC. Does he have a point? He spoke to the media after the fight, and tweeted his feelings, as you can see below.

Not Happy

The tweet above was Diaz’s initial reaction. While he comes across as a jealous ex, he genuinely feels like he has a case against the company. At first, fans were confused by his words:

“I’m not fighting on that show f*k the @ufc”.

Was this just a mix-up? Did Diaz think McGregor and Nurmagamedov were headlining the fight card that he was taking part in? It was all very confusing but very Nate Diaz.


Diaz is not impressed. When he was later asked to pick a winner from the two fighters, he totally dismissed the two men’s skills. He told TMZ:

“I whipped ones’ ass, and I slapped the f**k out of the other one so they’re both my little bitches. That’s who I got.”

That’s possibly the most Nate Diaz response of all time. But what? We all know he defeated Conor McGregor once – and has been holding out desperately for that trilogy fight – but what’s this about slapping Khabib Nurmagamedov? You can watch the video footage of him saying all this down below.

YouTube video


It’s difficult to see why he’s so angry. He surely is realistic about the fact that McGregor vs Khabib is arguably the biggest possible fight in combat sports today unless Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder agreed to fight for the unified heavyweight title. Diaz insists that he threw a slap at Khabib and the Russian did absolutely nothing to retaliate. When asked if it really happened, he said:

“F***, Right in his face, he didn’t do s**t. Scared for his life, him and all his Russian friends. From a third-world country? I’m from Stockton. He got his ass slapped, blap, didn’t do shit. All their eyes lit up. They’re all pussies.”

Did he just say Stockton is worse than a third-world country? No comment. They also clearly teach English better in Russia – Diaz’s press conference was roundly criticised by fans who weren’t impressed with his one or two-word replies. Anyway, the situation is that he’s still on the card… for now.

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