A skinny nerdy girl walks into a Muay Thai gym and asks to spar on her first day.

An unassuming girl walks into a gym in Malaysia to learn about Muay Thai, the trainers offer their help. What they don’t know is that she is Germaine Yeap, a professional Muay Thai fighter. This hilarious prank video was filmed at Throwdown Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Germaine walks into the gym looking clueless. She throws sloppy punches and slaps at a heavy bag before being helped and shown proper form by one of the trainers. She is then shown attempting inverted rows from TRX straps, she fails miserably as another trainer tries to help. After portraying a completely inept and untrained nerd, she walks up to a trainer and asks him to show her how to spar. The trainer is reluctant, and says; “I just don’t want to hurt you.” After being pleaded with, he accepts.

The sparring begins, and she continues to look like a complete newbie. After being tossed to the floor and appearing flustered by punches, she asks for a break. The break ends, and she turns up the heat. She attacks and lands crisp combinations as the trainer shells up. The female Muay Thai pro hits foot sweep after foot sweep, then taunts the trainer by asking if he needs a break as he is getting to his feet.

Eventually, Germaine reveals that it is a prank, in case they hadn’t already noticed, and tells the trainers of the hidden camera. Watch the video below.

[flowplayer id=”2518″]

Germaine Yeap has now been training for 7 years, and represents Malaysia in The International Fight Arena. She has another famous viral youtube video called: “Girl fights off purse thief”. This was a video from 2013 of Yeap successfully defending herself against an attempted robbery. It was later revealed that this video was in fact staged, and was used to promote crime awareness in Malaysia.

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