The name Diaz is absolutely huge right now. The younger of the infamous duo is currently about to take part in the biggest pay-per-view rematch of all-time. Nate Diaz is preparing to take on Conor McGregor this Saturday August 20, and the world has been tuning in.

Stockton TV is what the fans are viewing ahead of UFC 202. Nate Diaz was certainly a cult hero before his first fight with Conor McGregor, but he was never a superstar. Once he choked McGregor out cold, people started really taking notice.


The Diaz Brothers

Nick Diaz was already very well known at this point though. Not only had he put in solidly entertaining performances against Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre, he’d also become somewhat of a people’s champion.

Once the Nevada Athletic Commission (unfairly) banned Nick Diaz for five years, he really was launched in to crazy fame. His status was boosted in an ironic twist on the situation, with pop icon Cher and many others voicing their support.


Suspension Ends

Though the NAC could never actually prove that Diaz was legitimately over the allowed levels of Marijuana after UFC 183, he was still suspended 18 months. That ban recently ended, and now he’s back in the title mix again.

This newly released video is something else though…

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