This is possibly the most Nick Diaz video you’ll ever watch. The elder Diaz brother hasn’t fought for the UFC since 2015. A combination of suspensions and not giving a s**t has stopped him from competing ever since. But despite this, he still maintains a level of mystique that most fighters can only dream of.

Alongside his younger brother Nate, Diaz is one of the faces of the Skrap Pack. The likes of Jakes Shields and Gilbert Melendez are also in the Stockton group. They’re as tough a bunch of men as you’ll ever see – even if they don’t always win in the octagon.

Now video footage of Diaz letting fly with nunchucks has gone viral. Check out the clip below of Diaz going full ninja on Instagram.

Warrior Spirit

The best part of this video is the fact that he has a blunt in his mouth. It’s the most Nick Diaz video we’ve ever seen. He stands there in jeans and hoody letting fly with the nunchucks. It’s a pity that he can’t use them in the octagon because he has skills.

Could you imagine MMA with weapons? Just bring a samurai sword or a bo staff to a fight. That would be the next level. Somebody needs to pitch this to Dana White. Diaz is ahead of the game. Maybe this is what will bring him back to the cage in the future. In short, it’s been too long since we’ve seen him fight.


Now we’re going to make you feel old. Some people wonder why Diaz isn’t fighting but they don’t factor in how long ago his debut was. He first fought in 2001. Meanwhile, it’s 16 years to the week where he KOed Robbie Lawlor at UFC 47. That’s right, they’ve been on the go that long. Credit to Lawlor because he’s still fighting in the UFC.

However, don’t expect to see Diaz back in the octagon anytime soon. It looks like he’s put that part of his life behind him for good. As a former Strikeforce and WEC champion, he has nothing to prove to anybody.

Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports

No Interest

Diaz made that very clear last year. He told TMZ that if anybody wants to fight him, they know where to find him. But it’s going to be on his turf, not in a UFC cage. The likes of Colby Covington have shown interest in taking him on. He told TMZ:

“I’ve got s**t to do. “This whole ‘I’m supposed to be fighting so-and-so or something-something’ … if you want to fight, you know where to find me. I’m not a hard guy to find. Step in my f**kig ring right here. Step in my f**king ring, bro. Come at me, bro. Come at me, bro.”

In sum, it’s not going to happen. Diaz is too business-focused these days. He’s also getting older and MMA has evolved. Really, it doesn’t make sense for him to get back into a cage now. But he’s given us a lot of memories.

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