WATCH: Prison Inmate Takes on 15 Corrections Officers

This Texas inmate goes straight at 15 corrections officers during a crazy moment caught on the closed circuit television camera…

Working in a department of corrections is not an easy living. Corrections officers are forced to deal with some seriously stressful situations, making it not your everyday workplace. Quite often, violence is a day-to-day part of working in a prison.

When housing murderers, rapists, thieves and con men in a huge block together, a quiet day is a rare thing. Corrections officers are often outnumbered, under trained and face the constant threats of violence, riots, extortion and more. Officers need to be aware of their surroundings at all times.

During the infamous Attica prison riot in 1971, 43 men were killed including guards and inmates.

Guards swarm the man with punches after they fail to pin him down…

Inmate vs. 15 Guards

Today’s story focuses on a video that is doing the rounds this week. Captured on CCTV, an enraged prisoner takes on a crowd of corrections officers as they try to calm him down.

As it becomes clear that two, even three officers are unable to restrain the man, an entire crowd of prison guards rush the man, punching him in the head.

Watch as the inmate takes on 15 prison guards in a Texas corrections centre:

YouTube video

Rough day at work! Here’s something interesting, actually has reviews from correctional officers who worked at the prison in the video above. Unsurprisingly the job was met with mixed reviews:

There was no typical work day. Each day you never knew what was going to happen. You had to be on guard at all times. You dealt with different personalities. There were aggressive and assaultive offenders. Most of the time the offenders were not the problem, it was the administration.

The administration would make changes and inform the staff but never notify the staff as to why the changes were made which caused too much tension and aggression. Then you dealt with cut throat supervisors and some cut throat staff who would use you just to climb to the top. Most supervisors took credit for your good work well done.

I learned that you cannot trust your own co-workers. In order to protect yourself you had to learn the policies and procedures like the back of your hand because if they want to get rid of you they will find a way. If you are not part of “their” clique they don’t want you and you are considered a misfit.

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The hardest part of the day is clearing the count. If count does not clear, all operations and functions such as, laundry procedures, cooking procedures for the next meal, education, drug programs, church programs, outside community services, etc., all come to a stop until the count clears.

But I always thanked God that he gave me a job at the prison. It’s not for everyone, but it sure made me an extremely strong person that I am today whom┬ácan deal with the situations in todays world

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